Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Restless Thoughts for Spring

Where would I like to be?
Anywhere but here.

I’d love to roam the earth right now
My home in a steamer trunk
Staying in one place for a few months
Just until it felt comfortable
Like I

Where you know where to get the good cup of tea
Where you know where to can go sit and think
Where you know where to find a kindred spirit

Then I’d move on and find another cozy spot
Making new friends
Seeing new things
Living a different life
Learning who I am
Learning who I want to be

Who would I like to be?
Anyone but me.

I’d love to be the witty girl
Breaking men’s hearts
Radiating confidence
Brimming with intelligence
Channeling a quiet strength
Seeming to own the earth

Someone without fear
Someone who is free to try
Someone who is free to fail

I wouldn’t be the timid mouse
Not able to make a decision
Looking for others’ approval
Eager to please
But making no one happy

When should this be?
Anytime . . . maybe now.

1 comment:

Merci said...

I want to do this, too. I want to start interviewing the world right now for a place to retire. We have a good bit of time to go before we need it, but it could take awhile (and a bit of travel) to find the right spot. It could also be a lot of fun to look.

We're tied to a place right now by work and by life, but retirement should bring some freedom to choose.