Sunday, April 09, 2006

Poetry Day 8 and Day 9 - I AM . . .

Since I missed a day last week, I'm doubling up today. This actually turned out pretty well because these two exercises are very similar - Both are two versions of "I Am . . ." poems.

Day 8 – I Am (version 1)

I am
Designer, Planner, Thinker
I like to both read about the world and be IN the world.
Honesty, Creativity and Intelligence are important to me.
The world is an awesome place with much to discover
I want to be open to experience
I am afraid and fear holds me back
But eventually curiosity overcomes it and pushes me forward
I love the kindred spirits I have met along the way
I am grateful to know people who accept others for who they really are
I hate intolerance and inflexibility
I am.

Day 9 – I Am (version 2)

I am a designer and a student
I wonder what my future holds
I hear the hustle and bustle of distant cities
I see the images of communities I hope to create
I want to learn more about the world
I am a designer and a student

I pretend to design a home for us to live
I feel the light and openness around me
I touch you as we sit together on the porch
I worry that our dreams will never come to pass
I cry at the thought of growing apart
I am a designer and a student

I understand that fulfilling our desires is hard
I say the future will bring us happiness, whatever form it takes
I dream that we explore the world together
I try to stay optimistic
I hope my demons do not hold me back
I am a designer and a student

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Virginia Gal said...

I like the poetry - thanks for sharing!