Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Poetry Day 5 - Three Word Forms

For this type of poem, each line is made up of three words. The last two words become the first two words of the next line. The resulting set of images should tell a story . . .


Birth, infancy, childhood
Infancy, childhood, teenage
Childhood, teenage, college
Teenage, college, job
College, job, rent
Job, rent, marriage
Rent, marriage, mortgage
Marriage, mortgage, pregnancy
Mortgage, pregnancy, parenthood
Pregnancy, parenthood, midlife
Parenthood, midlife, retirement
Midlife, retirement, grandparenthood
Retirement, grandparenthood, decline
Grandparenthood, decline, illness
Decline, illness, demise
Illness, demise, eternity.

I feel compelled to add that after I wrote this, I felt very depressed . . . I showed it to Mr. Random and he reminded me that most of this process is happy and affirming, that I shouldn't dwell on the sad parts . . . Mr. Random is an awesome guy that way . . .

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