Wednesday, August 01, 2007

“Would you be a doll and go be angry at the world with Henry?”

That’s today’s New Yorker daily calendar cartoon caption and I feel like that’s what the last few days of this blog have been – The blogosphere is a big cocktail party, and the hostess has to pull people aside and say to them, “Would you be a dear and sit with Random Kath? She’s seems a bit cranky lately . . .”

August is going to be a bit better, I hope. Some of my issues should be settled by the end of next week, and we should then be back to the usual Randomness of my life.

Besides, today is almost over and there are only a couple of more days before the weekend starts. Hurray for Saturdays!


mommanator said...

Welcome to adulthood dear! we will help get you through the growing(groaning)pains. It happens to the best & worse of us! Just don't despair too much!
I tell ya part of it is the heat! whew too hot here!

CS said...

But you see, that is one of the great things about a blog - you can hit a run of crankiness or lowness or whatever, and you get support. Use it as long as you need it.