Monday, August 06, 2007

Saturday Fun on the Cheap

Saturday was the first salvo in August being “not spend a lot of money” month. Instead of going out to lunch, as my friend J and I usually do, I made a large amount of tuna casserole with lettuce and crackers and J contributed some ice cream and chocolate chip cookies. The idea would have been a smashing success, coupled with an afternoon of watching DVDs in lovely air conditioned splendor, but J’s roommate/landlord had other ideas on what he wanted to spend the day in the apartment doing, so we had to decamp and go on the road to wander about Old Town for the rest of the afternoon. On the plus side, we only bought large sodas since we were hot from walking around – we also managed to walk out of a bookstore without any purchases! Woo hoo! On the negative side, we didn’t get to have the ice cream, which was quite a bummer.

So this upcoming Saturday, I will actually try to entertain at my house. Right now, the Random Condo is merely a depository for both Mr. Random and me, a place to study and sleep as the way station for more interesting pursuits. In other words, the place is a wreck with piles on piles and books, papers and clothes strewn about hither and yon. My project for this week is to tidy up and make it comfortable for other people to actually sit on the couch and use the bathrooms.

I’ll also have the car on Saturday (if it is back from the shop in time), so hopefully I can go to the Farmer’s Market in the early morning and see if there are any goodies there that I can bring home. The bummer part of having the car on Saturday is driving into town and back to drop off and pick up Mr. Random. He does it gladly for me, so I should not complain at all, but it does take time away from my Saturday roamings. Besides, for some reason there is always a ton of construction being done on the roads, which makes Saturdays almost as bad traffic-wise as rush hour on a weekday.

But it will be nice to just hang out for a day and just chat and watch movies and stuff. I have to make a dessert for a work event on Friday, so I’m hoping there will be some left over that we can have with lunch too. I’m also hoping that the Random Cat behaves herself, because she can be quite a pill if she’s in one of her moods . . .

In other news, I visited my grandma yesterday in Boonieville, Virginia. She has not gone to the doctor about her legs yet, which worries me, but was in good spirits otherwise. One of the women she used to go to Bingo with passed away last Monday – she was only 66 years old and it was rather sudden – and so my grandma and her friend went to the wake and the funeral last week. Then they took a trip to Bingo World in Maryland and had a jolly time. It’s good that my grandma is getting out more . . . I do worry about that too . . .

That was my weekend . . . how was yours?

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