Tuesday, August 07, 2007

A Moment with a Cup of Tea

I hope people don’t think I’m about to put my head in an oven or something. There’s just a lot of random stuff going on right now that is making me more angst-y than usual. I’m feeling content at the moment . . . although that usually happens right before another shoe drops, but I’m going with the flow . . .

Things are actually going well right now. Mr. Random is getting used to his job at the Random Publication and learning the personalities there. His graduate studies are zooming along and now he has the evening study thing down to a steady routine. He now has 9 months left in his program and is already talking about how he is going to miss having class on Saturdays and hanging out with his cohort every week. I’m so happy that he is having this experience and gaining so much out of it. The program has already yielded a new job and a bit more confidence in his abilities. Life’s good for Mr. Random!

Mommanator, I do have some more pictures that I could post. My friend J did an open mike a few weeks ago and I took a lot of pictures while I was there. I probably should start doing one of those “a picture a day” projects that are all the rage on Flickr, since I need the practice and it would also force me to see the beauty around me all of the time. The only problem is hauling the honking big camera around all of the time. I love my camera very much and I love the pictures I get, but the camera itself is bulky. I’ll have to think about it.

My brain is fried today. I’m taking a personal day tomorrow and then Friday is the Random Non-profit’s summer pot luck (which should be interesting . . .) The summer is good for easy weeks, and I need a few of those right now.

I am sending many happy vibes out to all of you . . . and you know who you are!


Virginia Gal said...

I like your picture...sending you good vibes - though your comment about being content makes me think you are ok, as well as we all can be, no?

Its funny I can relate to Mr. Random I'm excited to go back to school just to see my friends and catch up. I guess there is something to be said for school life.

mommanator said...

Love the pic. You mean you don't have one of those ultra small digitals? It can be carried anywhere, and does take a decent enough pic!
I was one of the worried ones, but glad you aren't as bad as I thought!!!!
SO what are you taking to the pot luck? I always enjoy those so many varies of tastes and you see the personalities of people in what they bring!