Friday, August 03, 2007

Question of the Day: Who Do You Sound Like?

Taken from Unfogged’s discussion of yesterday’s NYT article on the small uproar that people who listen to audiobooks cause when they admit as much to their book clubs:

Pretend that the we had audio comments on our blogsWhat famous person would you sound like, or would you want to sound like?

I think I’m a cross between Diane Keaton and Marilyn Monroe/Betty Boop. My voice is kind of weird and high, and yet kind of flat and low. Oddly enough, when I am talking, I hear my voice as lower in pitch than it actually is . . .


mommanator said...

EEK I just wrote a whole bunch and it went somewhere in the ionisphere! Man does that make one mad!
My husband says I sound like my daughter but that doesnt help!
I sing soprano, but I thnk my speaking voice is lower.
how about Mae West LOL
I do not have a NY or North Joisy accent, I live in South Joisey, more philadelphia like?
Dont know why, but pick up accents real easy so where I am I tend to pick up that twang.

CS said...

I don't know aobut my voice - I've never liked it. But I have quite variable accent - I tend to fall in with whoever I'm taking with.