Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Capturing the Mike

This is one of the pictures I took the night my friend J did a comedy open mike. (Click on it to make bigger.) The picture is of the emcee for the evening, Mike, who is a very good comic in his own right.

I could not use a flash in the club, so I had to put the ISO on 1600 and just hope that a decent picture or two would come out of that night. As it happened, most of the 60 pictures I took came out very well – I love how the comics are lit in the center with an aura of darkness around them.

J sent one of the pictures I took to the owner of the club, who really liked it and wants to use it in the future. I’ll even get credit and everything!

I hope to be able to take more of these kinds of pictures. I love capturing people as they are, showing the beauty of these everyday moments. I love gestures and facial expressions, and comedians definitely have them in spades . . .

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