Thursday, August 09, 2007

Running Out Of Air

The air conditioning unit has died in the Random Condo.

Of course, this would be during the week of 90+ temperatures. And we live on the top floor. The Random Cat is sprawled on the bathroom floor, which I guess is the relatively coolest place in the house.

Last night, not much sleep was had by me – in fact, I spent a couple of hours watching a CSPAN rebroadcast of a panel on Telecommunication Policy. It was actually very interesting, even though several of the panelists irritated the heck out of me, and the two that I actually wanted to hear more from were stuck at the end and ran out of time. I would have stayed up to watch the second panel, but they all annoyed me even more in their discussion of what “privacy” means when related to the media.

The AC repairman came by this morning and tried his best to fix it, but our unit has outlived its usefulness. New unit will cost over $3100 and won’t be available for weeks . . . well, because the demand is rather high for them at the moment, see the temperatures above.

Many fans are being deployed in the Random Condo. No chocolate chip cheesecake will be made tonight in the Random kitchen. Have to think of some non-cook type dessert, which is eluding me right now.

I am still in decent spirits despite everything . . . I think my brain may just be oxygen deprived, though . . .

This summer has been a lot of fun, hasn’t it?


Virginia Gal said...

well this summer certainly won't go down as your favorite but I'm glad you're in good spirits. I smile at the picture of a cat flopped out on the bathroom floor...yes this was a BAD week for AC to conk out in DC, sending you cool thoughts!

mommanator said...

whew it is hot!, but the whole country is that way! I loved the storm yesterday that cooled it down a bit here in Mt Airy.
Hoping you are abvle to stay cool drink lots of water!

Merci said...

We had a much nicer day today in southern NJ. Hope you shared our beautiful weather.

As for the non-cook dessert: sounds to me like ICE CREAM is the only way to go!!!

CS said...

It actually cooled down a bit today, at last. But, I still prefer the heat to winter.