Monday, August 20, 2007

Waiting Around the Starting Line

It was an interesting weekend. Saturday was incredibly busy and Sunday was very lazy and uneventful.

We were supposed to go visit my Grandmother on Sunday, but we’ve moved that to next week. We’ve been able to do that because Mr. Random decided not to go to California for a week, which while it will save us money, kind of denies us a much needed break in a number of ways. I had been looking forward to padding around the house by myself, reveling in TV-less, person-less quiet in the evenings. Mr. Random is excited to spend two weeks sitting around the house doing absolutely nothing that he doesn’t have to, which will be great for him since it will allow him to totally relax for once . . . but maybe not so great for me.

Class starts this week – I am excited and nervous and ready to get the show on the road. Saturday afternoon I went to campus and bought my books and got my school ID. I actually liked the picture they took! I felt really old being on campus though – I related more to the parents I saw than to the students.

This will be very interesting. I hope I am not too jaded to be receptive to new information – I’ve certainly developed a lot of opinions based out of my own readings and experience. I hope this will allow me to ask more nuanced questions, although I don’t want to people to think I like to hear myself talk. I do want to be an active participant in my learning this time and have a true engagement with the material. I don’t know though, I may revert to my usual passivity . . . although probably not to the extent I did when I was sixteen years old . . .

Saturday, we also went to the Farmers’ Market and to the Arlington County Fair. We arrived at the Market too late to see a good selection of baked goods, but we were able to snag a few ears of sweet corn and some new potatoes. Yum! Dinner tonight should be tasty! The County Fair was a bit disappointing, and I did not get my usual corn dog and funnel cake. It was also much too bright out and too crowded to take any good pictures, since I only had the point and shoot digital with me. I was also not feeling well and a little demoralized by not seeing too many people I used to know, which was usually the best part of the Fair for me. Things change and life goes on . . .

I hope everyone had wonderful weekends. I send many happy vibes out to my faithful readers in hopes that you all have wonderful weeks!

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CS said...

Having taught college classes, I can tell you professors LOVE older students. They really add somethng valuable to the class, and they are more motivated and involved.