Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Tiny Rays Peeking Through the Clouds

I want to thank everyone for your concern and well wishes. And yes, I’m pretty sure I have some sort of depression that requires attention pretty soon. I am one of those people who likes to do for everyone else, BUT me. Trying to carve out the time I need for me is sometimes very difficult for me to do, but I must get better at it.

My first order of business should be to tell my friend, C, to take a flying leap. She has sent me about eight e-mails today, in various degrees of distress, asking for help with some freelancing assignments she’s received. Despite that fact that she is supposed to be this great writer/editor, she can’t use MS Word worth a darn, and wants me to help her figure out document formatting and stuff. I am politely saying a big NO. Besides, she is the one who told them she could do all this stuff, if I do it for her they might as well be paying me.

This weekend is the Del Ray arts festival, and I am so looking forward to going to that. If you can’t tell, I love art festivals . . . even though a lot of the time the actual art is pretty crappy, you get a sense of people’s talents and creativity. One day I should get a booth for myself and put out some of my photos . . .

I really have been enjoying my weekends lately . . . it is the weekdays that get me down.

Am teaching ESL tonight, even though I am kind of tired. Went out at lunch and got some chocolates for the students . . . whatever keeps them coming back!

I don’t have choir practice on Wednesday, which is both good and bad. Good, because it means I have a free evening, but bad, because the reason we are not having it is that our Music Director is going to have heart surgery to clear a blockage . . . and he’s only 38! I’m hoping that the surgery comes out well and that he has a speedy recovery . . . he is just the nicest person . . .

I just realized that I haven’t posted a “Website of the Week” or a “Poetry Selection” in a while . . . I need to rectify that soon.

The new season of “The Apprentice” has started . . . and yup, I’m there to watch. I did watch the 1st Martha “Apprentice,” but somehow they have found more annoying people than the Trump one this season. However, I feel the need to support Martha – the woman has me in awe, what can I say? I don’t care at all for her artsy-crafty stuff, but as a businesswoman and force of nature . . . Man!

A Moment of Silence for Don Adams, who played Maxwell Smart in “Get Smart.” That was one of my favorite shows when I was little, I watched the reruns everyday after school. Don Adams was also a very underrated comedian, whose talents weren’t taken advantage of as much as they could have . . .

Again, thanks to everyone for your lovely concerns. I’ll try to keep you all posted on how I resolve this . . . it should be an interesting ride. Hugs back to everyone!


Gawdessness said...

Glad that a bit of the sunshine is peeking through!
My name is Kath! Although online, I usually go by Gawdessness.
I haven't been lurking about that long, only a few weeks and have been meaning to introduce myself but have been a tad sick and then busy.
Happy to meet you.

Merci said...

Just stopped by from Virginia Gal's blog.

Hope the tiny rays turn into bright, sunny days without clouds. I've been blues-y lately, too. Can't stay that way forever!

Virginia Gal said...

So good to hear you feeling a bit better, just take it day by day or as my friend told me one time when I was very blues-y, from the immortal band Journey "don't stop believing." :-) You have friends out there - we are here for you, don't forget!

On a sidenote, I tried to watch the Martha show, but the contestants were so smarmy, ugh.