Friday, September 30, 2005

Free Form Friday

*"Free Form Friday" . . . that sounds so classic rock station, doesn't it?

*Great news! They finally found a sub for my ESL class Thursday nights, starting next week. He will come by on Tuesday and I will introduce him to the class and show him where we are in the curriculum. I can breathe easier now. . .

*Class last night went well, although I think I either tried to cover too much material, or my class was just really antsy at this point in the week and just wanted to get out of there – I think a combination of the two. We didn’t get our books last night, so I passed out a lot of worksheets, which may have seemed overwhelming. Hopefully, next week will go better – I just need to finish teaching them simple present tense verbs, and then we can move on to the next chapter.

*Today is a beautiful day in Northern Virginia . . . not too hot, blue skies, sunny . . . the kind of day you want to be outside doing something, rather than stuck behind a desk doing monotonous stuff . . .

*Went to pick up t-shirts and bibs for the Army Ten Miler at lunchtime today. I am in NO shape to do this race at this point – I mean, I could probably do about 3 or 4 miles before I’d have to start walking, but I am temped to go and just be a part of the start of the race and feel the adrenaline rush of being part of the group, all ready and raring to go, all suited up in our various running togs and good luck talismans. Mr. Random is ready and nervous, since he is going to use this race to see if he would be ready to do the Marine Corps Marathon later this month.

*Donald’s Apprentice Note: I totally agreed with the decision to fire Chris (?) He was a TOTAL idiot . . . Trump was saying very clearly, “Don’t bring Marcus into the boardroom.” What did he need to do, spray paint it on the wall for him? Now, I think that Marcus needs to go – nice enough guy, but a disaster in this setting – but now was not the time to call him out. Chris should have brought the other guy in there too, the one who came up with the print ads. I also think it’s funny that on these car ad-type tasks, the guys always think that they have this task NAILED, and then they come up with the lousiest ads I’ve ever seen. The women’s ads were excellent . . . maybe because they didn’t have the cocky, testosterone-laden, “I know this market” attitude.

Hope to get time this weekend to put some more links on the side . . . so I can make this a one top shop for all of the blogs I read on a regular basis. However, I REALLY should be catching up on actual work that I have to do and keep putting off. Will I be a good girl and do my homework? We will see . . .

Have a great weekend everyone!


Gawdessness said...

Hey there!
when you run do you do 10 and 1's.
Run for 10 minutes and walk 1?
That is how I handle all the long runs that I do.

Glad that ESL is getting better - I think it is really interesting that you do that.

The poem yesterday was beautiful.

Random Kath said...

Hey G, glad you stopped by again!

You know, at this point, I've been running straight through, although I did start out at the beginning walking 5 minutes, running 2 minutes working up slowly to 30 minutes straight. After that, the running coach had us just running a little extra time each week. But you know, 10 and 1 might be the ticket . . . at least break up the run a bit. I tend to get, well, bored, after running for more than 30-40 minutes straight. I will try this next time. Thanks so much for the tip!

I'm also so glad that you like the poem. :-)

Virginia Gal said...

You did the 10K - awesome for you!! Tell me you didn't get stuck in all that fun run fiasco, man I would have killed after running 10 miles to do another mile cause some construction worker forgot to put away something - ugh!!
Totally concur on the Apprentice, the guys never do well on car tasks and I knew they would sink it, cause at the beginning of the show they even said "we have this in the bag" and that is never a good sign! Glad also Chris got the boot, a good manager knows how to control a bad employee, instead of blaming Marcus for everything.