Monday, September 12, 2005

Asleep While Awake

I had a very lovely weekend that did not last long enough. . .

Went to Alexandria’s Festival of the Arts on Sunday. It was just as crowded this year as it was last, but the art works on display weren’t all that exciting this year. I was able to meet up with my favorite artist, but he told me that he wouldn’t be at the Bethesda Row show this year, which made me quite bummed, because when I do buy his work, it’s usually in October (early Christmas present.)

I slept better this weekend, but I am still quite tired . . . like I’m sleepwalking or something. I found out that we won’t be able to go to Philly in November again this year, although Mr. Random’s mom may be coming to visit that month. We haven’t been to Martha’s Vineyard for our anniversary vacation in 5 years. Our 7th anniversary is coming up and there doesn’t seem to be much to look forward to, fun wise. I know we just took that long vacation to the West Coast, but that wasn’t a REAL vacation! That was a couple of Tennessee Williams plays broken up by long train rides!

Married 7 years. It doesn’t seem that long really, although a lot has happened to and with us in that time. I’m guessing we are pretty well settled now: this is how it’s going to be until we have children or other circumstances change. There is a great amount of comfort in that, but sometimes you wish for the early days back again – when you were just getting to know each other and things hadn’t devolved into the daily routine and bill paying and laundry. That’s why . . . we need to go to London!

My friend C’s situation has gotten a bit worse over the weekend. She found out this morning that she didn’t get either of the jobs she interviewed for last week. C also has a 15 year old Maltese, Sir Walter, who this morning couldn’t walk and seems to be in a large amount of pain. She is taking him to the vet today, but it doesn’t look good. The dog is the main thing that has been keeping her active and getting up in the day, and if he needs to be put to sleep, I have no idea how she will deal with this latest blow, and I so worry about it . . .

Those are my random thoughts for today . . . not very exciting, huh?

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Virginia Gal said...

Concur on the London thing - and oh how I crave to experience new love, to be married to the man who makes me happy. Sigh. I'll pray for your friend and her dog - that is so sad.