Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Back to the Grind . . .

What a week. What a weekend. Now back to the grind . . . even if it is not “officially” Fall yet, it certainly is for all intents and purposes.

Over the weekend, Mr. Random and I went to a wedding held at a winery in Fauquier County, Virginia. Was a very lovely wedding, beautiful ceremony, lovely reception and dinner, most excellent dancing at the end.

As we were leaving to go home, you could look up into the clear night sky and see almost all of the stars in the universe . . . how big it is . . . how small we are.

I’m still pushing for everyone to send relief funds to Habitat for Humanity. (www.habitat.org) . . . All of the hurricane-displaced citizens of the region are now spread out all over the country. Some of them will eventually return home to Louisiana and Mississippi, others will try to stay in their new cities. All of them will need new, permanent homes. There has been an outpouring of funds and other donations and help to get folks through this incredibly tough “gotta-survive-and-figure-out-what-the-next-steps-are-gonna-be” period, but giving to Habitat will be beneficial in helping for the long term.

Not much more to write today . . . kind of emotionally drained. Have been working on hurricane-related issues at the Random Non-profit and am just . . . not very creative right now.

Hope to do better tomorrow. How was everyone’s weekend?

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Virginia Gal said...

Your weekend sounded so much better than mine! I went to Chicago for this Islamic conference and well, there was nothing Islamic about it. What a waste of time and money!