Monday, October 22, 2007

Catching Up with My Random Life

Here are my “Random Bullets of Crap” to catch everyone up on what’s been going on with me:

Updates of the College Thing: I got a 97 on BOTH my Economics and my International Relations exams. Wooo Hooo! Rock on! However, I still have SO much work to do and can’t get complacent. I have a 5-7 page Econ paper due on Friday, and a 4 page Int’l Rel paper due on November 1. Econ homework problems due tomorrow. Econ exam coming up in three weeks. Much reading to be done. But at least I know I’m on the right track.

Speaking of the college thing, usually in most schools if you have part1 of a class at a certain day and time in the Fall semester, part 2 would be held at the same day and time for the Spring semester. Well, not at this school! Bummer! I have to take the next class either earlier in the day or much later, which will screw up the delicately balanced schedule that I have constructed around work and school. Not happy. I may just have to bite the bullet and reduce my work hours in the Spring, which while that would be great for my mental health, it will be quite lousy for the pocketbook.

Back to the Bard: The new theater season has started which means it’s time to go see some more plays! Tomorrow night I’m going to see Shakespeare’s “As You Like It” and in a few weeks (have to pin down the date soon) I hope to see “The Taming of the Shrew.” I LOVE being a “sophisticated theatergoer,” which is what my friend J and I like to call ourselves sometimes. One day, when I get my act together, I need to keep a list of all of the Shakespeare plays I’ve seen.

Movie Review: Saw "Rendition" on Saturday. It was OK, but it seemed like the writers should have just focused on one or two characters rather than having so many threads. Jake Gyllenhaal was pretty good, Reese Witherspoon did not seem to fit - in regards that she didn't have much to do except stand around and look indignant. Not enough Meryl Streep or Alan Arkin for my tastes. All of the actors who played in the North African parts were excellent, and as much as they were integral to the plot, I would have liked to see more about them and how they got to that point, instead of just all the hinting . . . I'm thinking that this is more a of rental in the future.

Pictures: I still have pictures to put up from the sightseeing we did last weekend. I did take the time to make the files “web ready,” I just need to figure out a better, easier way of posting them.

Observation: There is a young couple in my IR class, they can’t be more than 20 or 21 years old. Adorable. Quite smoochy. Sit next to each other when they show up to class. Last week, I noticed that the guy wasn’t taking any notes, but the girl was. I wanted to yell at the girl, “Don’t take notes for him! Make him do his own work!” I mean, I was kind of upset by that . . . my inner Feminist was not pleased.

Work Angst: I don’t know if I should talk about my work angst anymore. It’s hard to adequately convey the situation without you all knowing the place and the players. There’s a reason that most people who leave are hard and bitter for years afterward. I don’t want to get to that point, but I AM getting there . . .

National Novel Writing Month starts November 1st. Thirty days – 50,000 words. I’m in! I’m going to try. I’m setting my own mini goal of 10,000 words this year.

Send Happy Vibes: My sister should be coming back to the states this week from Iraq for two weeks of R&R. Most of the time she is here she will be staying at the Random Condo with me and Mr. Random. Yay! She is supposed to fly out Wednesday night/Thursday, but it may take until Saturday for her to get here, since she is flying on a space available basis and has to change planes in Atlanta. I just want her to get here safely. I miss her a great deal and will be so happy to see her. Please send many happy vibes her way so that she has a safe trip here . . . anything can happen, you know. I’ve read too many stories about bad things happening at the last minute . . .

Status of the Random Condo: It’s a gosh-awful mess. It will be a miracle if we can get the place presentable in time for my sister to arrive. Need to at least get the bathroom and the guest room considerably neatened up. This also means that I will lose the use of my new desk/work area, but I can easily suck it up and work on my bed again for the next few weeks.

Updating of Wardrobe: Been going on a tear the past couple of weeks, getting some new clothes. Still haven’t found boots yet, but I do have a new winter coat . . . for once winter actually gets here. Get COLD, darn it! I’m trying to upgrade my wardrobe and have some nicer casual things that I can wear to school and on weekends, while at the same time upgrade my work wardrobe so at least I’ll feel like I look good not matter how lousy it is there . . .

Child’s Birthday Ideas: Have to go to a one year-old’s birthday party on Saturday. This child is not hurting for anything, so I am at a loss to know what to get him. He has very well-to-do parents, so I’m kind of feeling intimidated. Any ideas?

Overwhelmed: Yup, I’m there! There are a lot of wonderful things going on in my life right now, but are being outweighed by one really lousy one. It’s a big mental bummer. But I press onward, trying to stay optimistic.

I hope everything is going well for you, my lovely readers! I’m waving cheerfully at you through cyberspace and sending many happy vibes your way.


CS said...

Oo, what a timely post for me, sinc I have been remiss in keeoung up with folks. I enjoyed the run-down of all the areas of your life.

Two specifics - for kids that age I like age-appropriate art stuff. Like crayola's model magic. It's liek playdoh, only no mess, great colors, and it is a blast for the parents, too.

And, definitely happyvibes to your sister, and you, too, for the good grades!

mommanator said...

I bet your sister won't care too much about the house from what she is coming fromto where she is going-Have a great visit!
More clothes?? LOL you must have been running around naked in the past! I have a thing I make my daughter do- when she buys something new-she is to get rid of the exact amount in her room-ya know there is only so much room in a home! Plus the needy need those things! Plus ya know I have become green, must think of the environment!
Year old kiddo- give the mom or dad a gift card for you to sit with the kiddo while they go out and have a "play date". You spend time with the kiddo-time is one of the most valuable things a person can give-I bet your gift will be remembered when all others have lost their luster/parts!
PS sorry if I went on too much and sound like a mom(duh)

virginia gal said...

Super congrad's on the grades - that rocks!! See I knew you could do it!!!

As for the birthday gift, ohh tough there anything you can give that is hand made? Something they can't give, with all their money?? When in doubt I always go with a good book, something I loved as a child that I can than put a personal touch on when inscribing it.

Sending happy thoughts to your sister, veg out and chill I say!

Tree of Knowledge said...

I'm so glad your sister is coming home. And am impressed by all you seem to be doing. How is that possible? ;-)

and, I tagged you for a meme.