Thursday, May 19, 2005

A Non-Dedicated Follower of Fashion

On Saturday, after lunch on the Terrace, I went to Target to do some much needed summer clothes shopping.

I hate shopping generally. Well, usually it is because I normally don’t have any money for clothes, so when I do see something I like it is usually much too expensive. But usually I can’t find anything I like when I need it. I tend towards classic clothes, simple tailored cuts . . . more Donna Karan, Ann Taylor and Jones New York-type than Betsy Johnson, Limited, Express or anything my 21 year old sister would wear. I can’t afford those, but you get the gist. I’ve kinda always been that way . . . if I could have worn nice tailored pant suits when I was 12, I would have. Not Talbot’s though . . . I’m not THAT matronly yet – I refuse. I’m also not WASP-y – no Izod or Ralph Lauren for me. So hip and fashionable are not the first words that fall from one’s lips when they meet me.

I also hate crowds. If I could, I would shop Tuesday afternoons, when hardly anyone else is around. I especially hate all of the people sneezing, coughing and whatevering without covering their mouth. I hate putting my hand on the escalator and feeling something wet and/or sticky. Eeeeeew! I carry a bottle of hand sanitizer at all times, just to be semi-safe.

I hate standing in line. I just want to grab what I need and get the heck out of there. I’m somewhat guy-like in that sense . . .

Anyway, given my hatred of clothes shopping, I do it rather infrequently. Which means that I tend to wear the clothes that I do own to shreds. Until they look less than respectable, then I will break down and try to replace the worn item almost exactly. Woe is me if the store went out of business in the interim.

However, since I started running, I guess my body self-image is improving. Not that I may actually be losing weight, but I’m starting to feel comfortable enough to want to join the 21st century and get some capris, sleeveless tops, sandals . . . something other than my usual summer uniform of T-shirts and jeans. That, and a few sundresses, makes up my entire summer casual wardrobe. I want to branch out . . . maybe get some funky colors too! “The Look for Less” on the Style network is rapidly becoming one of my favorite shows . . .

So, off to Target I go. However, one rule for whatever I buy is that it has to mix and match well with things I already own. And be decent quality, but relatively cheap. Here is what I got on Saturday - for less than $100 yet!

1 pair white cropped pants
1 pair black cropped pants
2 camisole tops (1 black, 1 yellow)
2 tank tops (1 turquoise-y green, 1 black)
1 sleeveless, collared white button-down shirt
1 three-quarter-sleeved green and white striped, collared button-down shirt (same green as the tank top)

I am sooo happy with my purchases! I just need a few more colorful shirts and some accompanying sandals and I will be set for the summer. I figure that for footwear I just need 1 pair of comfy, but dressy sandals and 1 pair of comfy walking sandals, probably in black – no thong toes, though . . . I hate the feeling of things in between my toes. Maybe a pair of old school type Keds. I’ve been wearing the tanks this week under my jackets and I adore them, they go with things so well.

It’s been really hard finding casual sundresses that I like – I may have to go to thrift stores for those. I’m not into the asymmetrical cuts and thinner, frothy materials that I seem to see a lot. I want something that I can dress up to look nice for church, but that I can also flop around the house in, if need be. If anyone has any recommendations, I’m open.

Thus begins my foray into becoming more fashionable. It’s sad, but I’m really excited! I may be getting more girly yet!


justrose said... Cute stuff, fun colors, not expensive, conservative and sassy, something for everyone, nice sizing and cuts. I have a ton of stuff from there, and it's lasted. Their catalogs are fun to daydream with.

Anonymous said...

I live near Potomac Mills Mall - might I suggest going there on a week day (absolutely don't go on the weekend, it is a mad-house and as local, very annoying!). There are tons of clothes stores -a nice Ann Taylor outlet, I also like the Banana Republic, Burlington Coat Factory, Daffy's and Old Navy. I'm not very fashion saavy either, but with so many options, you're bound to find something that looks good and is not expensive.
ps - I like the "Look for Less" also, that and "What Not to Wear" both shows have made me feel more comfortable shopping for clothes.
- Virginia Gal

Random Kath said...

Justrose: Oooh, I remember you got your Holiday dress there, it was quite beautiful. I will check it out.

Virginia Gal: My parents live near Potomac Mills too . . . but since I usually go down on the weekends I have avoided the place like the plague for years, except for Ikea. I'll have to sneak down one weeknight . . . even though traffic is a bear whenever one goes. Thanks for the heads up!