Wednesday, May 18, 2005

My Boring Status Report

The meeting this morning went well despite the fact that my boss showed up late, looking like he just rolled out of bed and threw on a suit. In fact, when the meeting was over, one of the participants walked up to him and said, “Hey, did you just wake up?”

Get to go back on the Hill for an event next week. Yay! Anything that gets me out of the office and networking is good. Today’s event was children’s issues related, which is not my area so I was there mostly to listen, but next week’s relates to Older Adult issues, which I am extremely interested in.

I was not impressed with Saturday’s lunch at the Hotel Washington Terrace. Quite the overpriced sandwiches, burgers and appetizers there. The place was packed with tourists and folks in town for all of the college graduations that morning. I hate places like that . . . I rather prefer hole in the wall type places – tourist places are always so overpriced and the food isn’t good enough to back up the reputation. However, I will say that the view is quite lovely . . . if you’ve never seen it before. You can see ALL of the monuments and the White House from the restaurant. I’m just jaded, I guess. I’m sure the view is even cooler at night, with all of the lights.

Sunday was uneventful and I got no knitting done. I was just too tired and I watched lots of lousy Lifetime movies and read the newspapers.

Monday, I had a lunch with an old friend of mine, who blew into town last minute. He and his wife are expecting a little girl in September. If you knew this guy, you would know what how richly funny that is . . . in his single days, he was the biggest horn-dog you ever would meet. “Are you going to keep her locked up until college?” I asked, ever so sweetly . . . I am gloriously happy for them, and hopefully when my husband and I go out to the West coast this summer, we will get to visit them for a couple of hours.

The volunteer ESL teachers’ meeting went well last night. They might be breaking us up into 2 ESL classes, instead of 3 for the summer session, which will make teaching even more interesting. I am afraid to get total beginners, (I’ve taught only intermediate for the past year), but I am sure I will muddle my way through. I can’t wait for classes to start!

Tomorrow night is my photography class and luckily I already have most of the supplies on hand, so I don’t have to cough up more money for film or printing paper. We won’t be developing our own negatives though, which is a bummer. That means we have to take them to a specialty shop and get them developed, which is $7.50 a pop. It’s $5 extra for contact sheets, but I think I can get by without them, and make my own on in print lab. The really lousy thing is that the shop is only open 9-5 M-F, which means that unless I can make my way there on my lunch hour, I won’t have any negatives.

I’m so tired today . . . had to get up way early to get things ready for the meeting. Will try to write something more interesting tomorrow!


justrose said...

I rather prefer hole-in-the-wall places too.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about Hotel Washington, but maybe I'll give it a try with a couple of friends at night, overpriced burgers not so bad if you get a good view 8-)
Wow - teaching ESL classes, that sounds like fun..I'll have to look into that or some other volunteer work for the summer as my stint with teaching Sunday school ends soon (summer break).
-Virginia Gal