Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Sunlight peeking through the clouds

Man! The past few entries sound horrible . . . I swear that I am not suicidal or anything, just being moody. I’m really a cheerful, optimistic person normally, I swear.


. . . Can I also say that I love the “E-mail your post” feature of Blogger?  The formatting is sometimes funky, but it does make my life much easier.  J


Also on the good news front, I may not have to proof that proposal after all. The COO said that they someone had already asked someone else to do it, even though she is off-site. And he also said that he would have preferred that I did it anyway. It’s rare that folks give me spoken-out-loud credit for being good at stuff I do, so I lap it up eagerly.


My mood is improving! . . . And it doesn’t take much! J


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