Friday, April 29, 2005

Apprentice Notes - Alex Goes Home

It’s sad, I know, that I care about this stupid show. But hey, at least I don’t watch American Idol! Cut me some slack!


(I don’t mean to totally rag on American Idol watchers – I follow the show through the 8 million recaps in the papers, and blogs, and TWP – so long, Constantine!)


So tonight’s task was to sell limited edition, artist designed t-shirts. Kendra and Craig, despite hating each other’s guts, managed to sell more of their shirts, albeit at a lower price, because they tipped off the artist’s fan base that they would have the shirts available for one day only. Tana and Alex lost because they had a crappy marketing strategy, although their shirts were higher priced and Tana’s “BeDazzling” of the shirts was popular with the customers.


I was kind of hoping that Kendra and Craig would hit the boardroom, if only because the cat-fight/shouting match that would ensue would have made excellent TV. . . And also I can’t stand Craig and I wanted him gone. For a while it looked like Tana would be the one fired, but then she brought up the fact that Alex has been on a number of losing teams and then Alex conveniently forgot how many time he lost as Project Manager, which totally sent Trump over the edge. In Alex’s exit monologue, he managed to be all ego, boasting that he has now learned how “easy it is” to start a business and be successful and he has a ton of ideas that he will start on tomorrow. Good luck, buddy! He always seemed to be good at setting other people up to fail, and then skating by blameless, so I was sooo happy to see him go. He should have gone two weeks ago, but for some odd reason Chris was given the axe – which was deserved, but just not for that task.


I’m betting on Kendra and Tana for the Final Two – if only because I have no faith in Craig’s condescending attitude. He’s no Kwame, that’s for sure . . . J


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