Monday, April 25, 2005

Snapshots from an Ordinary Life

I picked this title because:

(1) My life is kind of . . . well, ordinary. At least compared to the people in the circles that I travel these days . . . I'm not a lawyer, or a lobbyist, or a journalist, or a consultant, or a fundraiser, or a defense contractor. My husband and I work for a teetering non-profit trying to do a lot of good in the world for bupkiss money, but which allows plenty of off hours to indulge our many interests.

(2) Snapshots are amazing things. They capture a moment in time for future generations to ponder. "What are they wearing? Why are they smiling? Why is he frowning? Hey, that building looks different!" Not that I have any pretensions of grandeur here, but I like to think of this blog as snapshots of my mood and thoughts at a given time. They may be wildly inconsistent, they may evolve over time, but they will be here.

I was always lousy at written journals. I would start off dutifully recording things every night and then a couple of days would pass, and then some more , and then next thing I know I'm looking at the last entry that says "May 4, 1999."

Since I read and comment on other people's blogs pretty regularly, I'm thinking that this should work a bit better.

If you've gotten this far, I really thank you for reading! This should be an interesting journey . . .

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