Thursday, April 28, 2005

Balcony Garden Dreams

I’m in such a gardening mood today! I can’t wait until we can finally purchase stuff for our balcony and I can put some flowers and a couple of chairs out there. Until then, here is a poem along that theme.


City Garden

By Megan Harlan


After the restaurant, the miracle grew

so large we bought more wine,

took each other to bed. Outside, blocks of time

drifted from the traffic lights, and the ending


could not be told over the bus-brakes,

drunks and children wailing from the streets.

Like in any famous city, we could see no stars.

Astrology abandons us in times of excellence


and mischief. My best guess at forever

was the planter on the window-sill, filled with

store-bought herbs and soil, the Miracle-Gro

like a firmament of shameless chemical stars.


justrose said...

me too. I'm waiting for the good petunias.

Random Kath said...

I'll have to get to know the flower types now - all I know are "pretty red ones" and the "purple and yellow ones." I also have to figure out how much sun the balconly truly gets and whether it will stay that way through the summer - don't want to kill sunny plants with a ton of shade . . . I suspect there are other ways I'll manage to contribute to their early demise without adding that on. :-)