Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Hanging Out in the Phone Booth

Mr. Random and I were at the Verizon Center tonight (a.k.a. “The Phone Booth”) to watch the Washington Capitals play the San Jose Sharks. The seats we had were wicked close to the ice and we were right by the Capitals goalie. We could see EVERYTHING and hear EVERYTHING – especially the guys crashing into the glass. Way cool!

I was a bit tired, so I wasn’t as into the game as I would have liked, but we were around a loud and lively bunch which made the experience quite memorable. The only annoying thing was that the family sitting next to us had to keep getting up every five minutes for some such reason – bathroom, food, souvenirs – so Mr. Random and I had to keep standing up and sitting down to let them out of the row. All in all, I had a rather good time for my first hockey game!

The game went into overtime and the Caps lost in shootouts (and I hate shootouts . . .) I didn’t bring Eddie the camera with me, but I did have our Sony point and shoot digital. The pictures aren’t that great but they do give a flavor of what went on. Hope you like them . . .

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Virginia Gal said...

Cap's games are da bomb (though our team sucks)! I love Ollie the Goalie - yeah he's out for a while, no?

As for Gilmore Girls, I LOVE that show and yes this year has been BAD - compared to previous years, but still a cute show.