Monday, October 10, 2005

A Quick One

Short post today . . . have today off and am running a ton of errands that I don't normally get to. I hope everyone had a great weekend, even if it was a bit soggy!

Saw most of the Kaine/Kilgore VA governor debate last night. All I will say for now is . . . is this the best we can do? These two guys are the best that Virginia could come up with to run for Governor? EEWWWWWWWW! What's up with this? A friend of mine asked me who I was for, and I honestly said "They both rather suck, but the lesser of two evils is Kaine." and then I went into a diatribe on how I'm getting really sick of supporting sucky, middling candidates, just because the other candidate is more sucky. I really wish that one of my friends will finally decide to run for local office again . . . at least I'd feel better working for someone I already know and care about, even if we do lose in the end.

"To Have and Have Not" is one of the best movies ever. And the fact that Lauren Bacall was only NINETEEN when she starred beside Humphrey Bogart in this film, just makes my jaw drop in amazement. I only wish I was so classy at nineteen . . .

Went to the doctor today. Told her about my allergies, sleeping problems and depression. She's giving me pills for the allergies, and suggested some short term sleeping pills for the sleep problems . . . which may help the depression. She also wants me to bump up the exercise a bit, which I have been falling down on. I was very nervous before going to see her and felt a little better afterwards, but will wait and see how things go for a while. I really need to find a new job, but it is so hard for me to decide what to do next . . . I don't want to go from a lousy situation to a lousy situation. (Unless it pays more, of course. I can put up with anything for a little bit if it pays more. Then I can get rid of some debts and save up a cushion so then I can quit for a while . . .)

Talk to you all tomorrow!


Gawdessness said...

To Have and Have Not is a fabulous movie and Lauren Bacall is staggering in it. My husband is a Humphry Bogart fan so I have seen most of his movies and LB is in a lot of them. For a kind of nifty one, I like Dark Passage, it is a little different.

Depression is hard and sleeplessness can be a real part of the problem, I hope this stuff helps you out.

Virginia Gal said...

Glad to hear about the news with the doctor, at least she is now aware and can monitor you. I know in my case it is nice to know someone is watching out (someone with some education behind this) so if things start spirling out of control, they can catch you. Keep us posted - I'm sending positive thoughts your way!
oh and yeah I watched the debate also, of course I'm a huge Kaine supporter but I felt more passionately about Mark Warner. Really I'm hoping next year we get some kick-ass candidate to compete against Allen, thats who I really want to get rid of!
Debate was not nearly as exciting as the Kerry/Bush ones, but than how many people are really into this election anyway, no?