Thursday, October 06, 2005

Pink Icing on the Cake

Watched the PBS program, “Making Schools Work,” last night. If you get a chance to see it when it re-runs again, please do . . . well, if you are a policy junky like me, who is interested in education theories. There was a Post Online discussion with the creator of the show, Hedrick Smith, today at (

Martha’s Apprentice notes: They didn’t make Jim look as much like a jerk last night, I guess because his wife had their baby girl, and I guess it would be bad form to make him look like a snot, while trying to give him props for being a new dad. I do fear for this child, having such a slimy dad . . . Also, was glad to see Shawn go – open mouth, insert foot! I thought Martha would have gotten rid of the Project Manager guy (whose name just never stuck in my head – he didn’t have that huge a personality to remember him by) for being a dork and bringing in two people who had nothing to do with the loss. (See last week’s Trump Apprentice note for how that SHOULD work.) They keep bringing Dawn in, I guess just for spite, although it should be plain to the judges that for some reason everyone is threatened by her. I wish Martha’s Apprentice would do like the Trump one and show the losers doing their “rant of shame” in the cab on the way out. The letter thing is kind of lame . . .

ESL class on Tuesday: Maybe I’m just having an off semester, but things are still quite a mess at the class site. We did finally get books for the students. The lead teacher was having a bit of personal trauma, so I was trying to comfort her and make sure she was OK. She is working four different jobs and internships, trying to get into a Ph.D. program, and has NO money, and her uncle just died and she can’t afford to go to the funeral. She is always quite exhausted and the added stress of mourning and not being able to go, just got to her. She was able to pull herself together for the rest of her class and thanked me at the end for being an ear, but I still felt bad.

I will be so glad when this week is over . . . we just found out that we will have Monday off from work. YAY! I have a doctor’s appointment that day, so I won’t have to worry about trying to sneak back to work in time.

Another busy day at the salt mines, so fewer random things to say. However, I’m happy that I still got to post today, because I love to see your comments – yes, I admit it . . . you guys brighten up my day! Hope all is going well for you . . .


Gawdessness said...

That was the most fascinating program - Making Schools Work.I find education pretty interesting anyway, what with being a home educating Mom. We happened on it and stayed. Thanks for the extra link.

Thanks for talking about ESL class, I am really interested in it and like to hear abou it. It sounds like a touch night, but it probably would have been a lot harder for the lead teacher if you hadn't been there.

Take care!

Virginia Gal said...

OH MY GOD - I watched that program on PBS, how weird is that?!

Very good show, made me want to sign up to start teaching, particularly in that school district in New York, where the guy's emphasis was on "kids learn when they have good teachers."

Have a good weekend!