Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Random Wednesday Update

****My life has been pretty blah this week so far. I turned in my first paper for my economics class on Tuesday and I have no idea if it was any good or not. I’m leaning towards the not . . . I feel it in my gut. I had Mr. Random edit and proofread it the night before to make sure my statements sounded logical and that my paper answered all of the questions that were assigned. He seems to think it didn’t suck, but I do have my doubts.

****On the ESL front, it looks like I will end up being a substitute teacher at my old site for when one of the main teachers has to go out of town. This way I will still be able to teach once in a while, but won’t have to worry about lesson planning or anything and I can still be kept in the loop. Yay!

****On Saturday, I’m doing a 5K walk with my friend J. We both have determined that we really need to do start doing some sort of exercise regularly, and I thought that this would be a low pressure way to start. This way, if either of us gets tired it isn’t such a big deal, since we aren’t being timed. It’s also great to get the lovely free t-shirts!

I do miss running a little, but it was such a pain to find a running buddy. There have been too many incidents on the local trails for me to feel comfortable just tooling along by myself. Also, it usually happened that I felt most like running at the oddest hours of the day. Now that I am in class for two mornings a week, I think I should probably make it part of the routine to hit the gym before heading home. Even twice a week is better than no times a week. It will probably help my mood a bit too . . .

****Note about the comedy pictures for CS:
All of the comics were funny, but not all of the time. Some folks brought their “A” game and were pretty consistently good. Some of the guys brought to the stage some new material that they tried out towards the end of their set, which did not work out too well. But that’s the thing about comedy open mikes – you have to take the good comedy with the bad comedy. Some of the jokes that people try out are pretty good, others need a lot more work . . . or need to be dumped entirely. However, by working out jokes in front of people, you get instant feedback, which is great and doesn’t happen with a lot of other art forms. The whole thing is about being open to the process artistically, and you have to be aware of what you are getting yourself into when going to an open mike. It IS incredibly brave to go up there, I think, and I applaud them all for trying.

Now the fact that there wasn’t one FEMALE comic on the stage . . . well, I need to do some more investigating about that . . .

****You know, I haven’t posted a poem in a while. I really need to get back into that. I really liked this one that I saw today:

By Joanna Klink

It began in a foyer of evenings
The evenings left traces of glass in the trees
A book and a footpath we followed

Under throat-pipes of birds
We moved through a room of leaves
Thin streams of silver buried under our eyes

A field of white clover buried under our eyes
Or a river we stopped at to watch
The wind cross it. Recross it

Room into room you paused
Where once on a stoop we leaned back
Talking late into daylight

The morning trees shook off twilight
Opening and closing our eyes auroras
Beyond groves and flora we followed a path

Dotted with polished brown bottles,
Scoured furrows, a wood emptied of trees
It was enough to hollow us out

The evenings left grasses half-wild at our feet
Branches with spaces for winds
The earth changes

The way we speak to each other has changed
As for a long while we stood in a hall full of exits
Listening for a landscape beyond

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