Friday, September 07, 2007

Comedy . . . Last Monday! (Part 2)

More pictures from the open mike.


Virginia Gal said...

ok this is totally not about the pic's but about your ESL dilemma - exactly how much time does it take up? Can you do some school homework at work? How many credit hours are you taking this semester? If you're a full-time student and working, I think doing more than an hour of volunteer work a week is going to kill you. But I do like Mr. Random's advice, as the semester moves on and you get into a grove, it might be easier to fit in ESL - could you do some subbing for them, instead of taking on a full class?

ps - annoying girls in front will probably bomb first test, then they won't be so vocal about "having learned all this stuff before." Those who speak so loudly are often masking failure.

CS said...

And... were they funny?