Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Five Random Reasons

CS had this meme on her blog, which I wasn’t sure if I did before, but thought I’d do anyway. My memory sucks and I’m too lazy to comb through the archives . . .

Five Reasons Why I Blog


I find I write my best blog posts when I am supposed to be doing something else. It’s amazing how many great ideas spring forth, how eloquent I can get, when I’m supposed to be doing some highly tedious and/or annoying task. Like right now, for example . . .


I adore the people who come visit my blog. You all lead such interesting and varied lives, and I learn so much from you all. It also seems to be a rather small blog world – it seems when looking through people’s blogrolls I more often than not recognize a blog or two that I read regularly.

Exercising my writing muscles

I have never been able to keep up a journal in real life, so this space is an opportunity to practice the art of writing, a place for me to find my voice . . . whatever that may be . . .


I must admit that it is king of cool to have people read what I write – and then come back for more. Wow! I may actually have something interesting to say once in a while!

Catharsis/Free Therapy

I lot of times I am trying to work things out in my head, and sometimes it helps to put tangible words to what I’m feeling and put it out there in the world. In my real life, I am horrible about stating what I want and what I am feeling – I tend to defer to others: What do you want? How do you feel? How can I make it better for you? What do you need help with? So when I am not happy, when I want something, I feel . . . I guess . . . horrible . . . about stating a preference. I have to get over that, because I’m not going to progress unless I figure out what will make me happy. It’s a balancing act though – you don’t want to be too selfish and ignore the needs of those close to you, while at the same time you have to stand up for yourself. It is a struggle for me – a struggle that I guess I’m documenting here.

Sometimes it may seem like I’m saying the same stuff over and over (and I probably am), but it is necessary until I finally get certain things into my thick skull and internalize them, and then either fix them or quit bitching about them.

So that’s me for today! If anyone wants to do this meme, have at it.

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CS said...

We all say it a bit differently, but he resons seem to boil down to about the same thing for all of us. It's a pretty col hooby, I think.