Tuesday, July 10, 2007

By the Pricking of My Thumbs . . .

On Sunday, Mr. Random, my friend J, and I went to see the Washington Shakespeare Company’s version of Macbeth – the one that is being staged sans costumes.

There was a recent review in USA Today about the performance. Read it here.

I thought that the staging actually worked: it brought out the primal, base, primitive nature of the actions and emotions found in the play and brought them front and center. The nudity did not bother me at all, however it seemed to be very distracting to my theater-mates. After the first act, it just seemed natural and not at all prurient. Just because people are not wearing clothes does not mean it is done for cheesy reasons. DC is an especially conservative town, so it probably keeps more people away from seeing it than normally would.

To read the comments on the USA Today article, from a bunch of people who are judging the staging without even seeing it, just makes me a bit ticked off. No one is forcing anyone to see it, it is a choice. But if you don't want to see it, then don't slag off those who do.

I was very glad to see it. This company does very interesting work – I also saw their staging of Edward III – and I am looking forward to seeing how they interpret other plays.

Next up in the play queue: Hamlet on July 17th. This will be more conventionally staged, but should be fun.


CS said...

I'm impressed with how many plays you guys go see. Did they have an age limit for audience members? I have an mage of my sons freaking out at the sight of naked actors.

mommanator said...

I don't think this for me, but I haven't see Macbeth with clothes on. and I dont condemn for them doing it or anyone seeing it. I too am impressed with your theater going and am jealous, esp since I am in MD every other week and could go to them if I wasnt being a granny!
Ever need alunch date let me know and I will try to get to wherever. I realy dont start working here til 3p

Random Kath said...

I am truly lucky to be able to see so many plays. It has been such a great diversion these past few months with so many changes going on at home and at work, and gives me something to look forward to ...

CS: It wasn't an absolute age limit, but on the website and on all of the ads they say it is for mature audiences. When you buy the tickets, they say there is nudity and that it is intended for mature audiences. On the doors of the playhouse, it states the same thing. When you get to Will Call, the clerk makes sure to reiterate that fact. And then, before they open the doors to the house, the theater manager comes to the front and explains it again, stating that if anyone is not confotable that they are free to leave at any point. They really work hard to make sure that people know what they are getting into.

Mommanator: Wow, what part of Maryland? I'm thinking someday you, me and Virginia Gal should meet up. The Random schedule is still in flux right now, but once I find out about a few things, maybe sometime in the Fall. :-)

mommanator said...

I am in MT Airy, Maryland- I guess an hour or so away from DC depending on the time you leave here! Wouldn't it be a hoot for the 3 of us to get together?