Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Tuesday Random Lunchtime Tunes

Today’s random song sampling:

Pick Yourself Up – Anita O’Day
No Pain, No Problem – Eddie From Ohio
Sisters – The Puppini Sisters
Satin Doll – Duke Ellington
Let Me – Sergio Mendes
Hey Eugene! – Pink Martini
Tango Suite: Allegro – Yo-Yo Ma
Doce de Coco – Yo-Yo Ma (different album)
A Mi Manera – Gipsy Kings
Brandenburg Concerto #2 in F: 3. Allegro Assai – J.S. Bach

Started off peppy, then went to mellow and stayed there. I really need more peppy music - the heat today is bringing me down, big time!

UPDATE: The little earbuds are hurting my ears - they hurt when I'm trying to take them out. Note to self: need to buy little felt things to put over the earbuds. Why wouldn't Apple have little felt things on their earbuds already installed? That's just being cheap . . . and people have to pay enough money for these things as it is? Things are never as simple as they seem . . .

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