Monday, June 04, 2007

Article: Revisiting Fahrenheit 451

Found in today's ArtsJournal: Interesting article about Ray Bradbury and how his novel, Fahrenheit 451, has been misinterpreted all of these years:

It's not really about government censorship - it's more about censorship by groups coupled with the rise of television.

Do give the article a read and let me know what you think . . . I'll have to re-read this book this week - it must be about 20 years since I last read it . . .


virginia gal said...

oh my God I just read about this on Darla D's ( blog. How weird!

I think what I found interesting about the article is how all those people got it wrong, they thought the book was about censorship and it wasn't. Doesn't it just go to show that interpretation is in the eye of be-holder?

virginia gal said...

Random Kath were you in Olde Towne Alexandria this past Sunday? Eating at the Irish fish place on King Street?

I ask because you said Waitress is one of the few films you wanted to see and there was a lady at our shared table who, now that I think on it, fits your profile and made a similar comment.

Random Kath said...

No, I wasn't there this weekend - but it's funny, I'm often in Old Town on weekends and I'm usually at (a) the locally owned bookstore (b) the ice cream shop across the street or (c) one of the Thai restaurants. You may bump into me yet! :-)