Monday, March 26, 2007

Randomly Back on Course

Can you tell my mood has brightened a bit? Maybe it’s the citrus or the nice weather? For some odd reason, having citrus at lunch gives me quite a pick me up for about an hour or two. I’ve been weaning myself off caffeine (except for the rare latte with a friend), so this is a positive development. Or maybe it’s the fact that I’m having something non-carb-laden for lunch and my body is giving me positive reinforcement for that decision. Whatever it is, it is putting me in a good mood.

I’ve ordered some clothes online (retail therapy!) and it turns out that the two things I most looked forward to receiving are back-ordered until June. Bummer! I was really looking forward to trying on the new suit I ordered – it is a lighter brown, which is a color I don’t usually wear, and linen which should serve me well for the summer. I also am waiting for a mid-length khaki skirt which should prove very versatile. Now I just need to find some summery shoes to match . . .

I did receive the new swimsuit I ordered, which is a rather nice black one-piece with white piping. (I’m not a two piece gal – I’m certainly not a bikini shape . . .) Mr. Random and I are thinking about taking swim lessons and buying the suit was a nudge in that direction.

I need to get back into exercising, I feel myself turning into a mini-blob. The past month I’ve been eating horribly and been drawn to many potato-like substances which I normally try to avoid like the plague. Time to get back on track and do more walking and running. It should be easier now since the weather is getting nicer and after this week I won’t have any evening classes to teach until the fall.

At this moment my sister is on her way to Ireland, then Kuwait, then Baghdad. I talked to her on Saturday evening, as she was packing. She asked that I send her some fashion magazines to peruse when she gets over there. She’ll let me know if I need to send anything else over on a regular basis (like shampoo or candy.) She’s giving up her cell phone, so we’ll mostly be communicating by e-mail. I am trying not to think or worry about her too much or else I won’t be able to get anything done.

I’m trying to get back into a more regular posting schedule, so I hope this is a good beginning.

Sending many happy vibes to you all . . .


CSL said...

Nothing like a little shopping and spring weather to cheer you up. The warmth makes me want to just be outside, walking forever.

Virginia Gal said...

You made me smile - turning into a miniblob. I'm sure that's hardly the case, but I too noticed the other day...hey I'm putting on weight?! I do love my late night potatoe chip raid, hee hee.