Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Rest for the Weary

Thanksgiving has come and gone. Nothing exciting happened – my sister did arrive and we had a lovely lunch together before I took her down to my parents’ house. Thanksgiving Day was busy, busy, busy since Mr. Random ran in the local Turkey Trot 5 Miler that morning and I helped out with race registration. We came home, took showers, then took ourselves and our baked goods down to my parents’ house where we had a lovely dinner, marred by the fact that I was coming down with something, and so spent the last couple of hours asleep in my sister’s room, sprawled on the bed in a stuffy haze. My dad was eager for the chance to spend quality time in conversation with Mr. Random, since he is the only male in the family now . . . at least until my sisters bring some poor sap home that my dad can also share his manly wisdom with. Mr. Random doesn’t mind my father’s speeches too much, but he’s eagerly awaiting the day when there’s someone else too . . .

I made a mini-Thanksgiving dinner on Friday and invited a couple of friends over to play board games and get a home cooked meal. Much fun was had by us all, and many games of Scrabble were played until 1 in the morning.

Saturday was supposed to be spent with my sisters, going to see “Rent: The Movie,” but before they were going to leave to meet me, my parents sort of disappeared for a few hours, and my sisters didn’t want to leave without saying goodbye to them, especially since my Army sister was going to be staying with me and Mr. Random that night before we took her to the airport the next day. Long story short, we missed the movie and had a quick lunch before they went back down to my parents. We were quite disappointed, but what can ya’ do?

Sunday was a lazy day, but I started having problems with my throat, which carried over into work on Monday, where I could barely manage a croak. Tuesday morning, Doctor’s office, where I found out I had some nasty virus and needed to stay home and rest with lots of liquids. However, I did find out that I had lost 8 pounds since early October. Yay! . . . I guess? . . .

I’m at home again today, still feeling quite poorly, but trying to get some work done.

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Stay healthy!

We haven’t had a poem in a while . . . and I liked this one today . . .

Traveling Light

By Dabney Stuart

Moving through still time, its opposite,

it creates no friction. They are both gifts,

one the infinite eye of the needle

the other threads. Occupies.

Emptiness is full of itself,

a never air, the lens for being.

In the long way of this place,

the afterthought of gasses becomes

what we tune in, its tickles

preoccupation and amaze our present.

If such light made a sound

it would be as if the wide spacewind

formed a bell of itself,

and a smaller wind within, and rang.

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Virginia Gal said...

Random Kath - glad to see you back! oh goodness, I got the same thing - the sore throat etc. Maybe its going around our neck of the woods.
I'm glad your Thanksgiving was well, no major mishaps.