Monday, November 07, 2005

Ready for Our Close-Up, Mr. DeMille

Mr. Random may be on TV sometime soon! One of the players on his soccer team has an artificial leg, and on Saturday, the Discovery Health Channel was filming her, while the team was playing, for a show they are going to do on people with disabilities who are still active. Everyone on the team had to sign release forms and everything. They are going to let us know when the show goes on the air . . . so when we hear, I’ll let you guys know too, so you can try to figure out who he is. I’ll give you a hint . . . he’ll be wearing an orange shirt . . .

That’s one of the things I love about the DC area . . . all of the random cool stuff that can happen. Of course, there’s all of the random BAD stuff that can happen too . . .

Spent the weekend with a horrid headache, and I stayed home today, despite the mounds of work I have to do . . . sometimes, I just need a day to just sit and rest . . . I’ve been getting very stressed out lately, and this may be my body telling me to take a break . . .

I only noticed today that the blog looks different depending on where I am accessing it. Yes, I can be pretty clueless sometimes . . . When I read it during the day, it looks all jumbled and clunky. If I read it on the weekend, the layout is much cleaner and the words are not running together. I guess it has to do with the resolution on both computers . . . I must think about the redesign a bit more . . .

Mr. Random and I actually watched the live West Wing debate last night . . . and it actually was pretty good. Like all the critics are saying, a “real” presidential debate would never be set up like that, but it would be quite awesome if it ever was . . .

This poem was featured on Jodiferous’ ( site today – ( . . . and I like it! Also check out her November 6 entry, with the competing versions of Wonderwall . . . I think I like the Cat Power version best, too . . .

Today’s poem is a great Fall-like poem, even though it doesn’t mention the season at all:

First Breath Last Breath

By Antler

When a baby boy is born

and the midwife

holds him up

as he takes

his first breath,

Place him over

the mother's face

so when the baby exhales

his first breath on Earth

the mother breathes it.

And when the mother dies

her middle-aged son

the baby grew up to be,

by her side

his head next to her head,

Follows her breathing with his breath

as it becomes shorter

and as the dying mother

exhales her last breath

her son inhales it.


Merci said...

I watched the West Wing debate, and I enjoyed it, too. I read about it at today, and they said that the producers of the show aren't sure yet who will win the election. I wonder if they'll use audience participation to decide, sort of reality TV meets series TV.

Virginia Gal said...

Was that debate taped here in DC - it looked a bit like the CNN studios near GW.

Gawdessness said...

Loved the poem.
Especially as the mother of a son.
And a mother.

It is very neat that you might be on tv!

Course I won't get to see it, no cable, but still.