Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Only 49,660 More Words to Go!

Wouldn’t you know that yesterday, for the blog, I wrote 923 words. For NaNoWriMo, I wrote about 340 words.

What is wrong with this picture?

Yes, I know, it is still early. But can the blog count towards my output? Please? Pretty please? Oh, well . . . I’ll try to do better tonight . . .

I‘ve been seeing some pretty stylish blog redesigns this week. Now I want one! Whine! Whine! For an awesome one, go check out Jo(e)’s blog at ( I am in LOVE with both the picture and the blue . . .

Did I already tell you how much I hate funder reports? . . . Actually, I really don’t mind doing them, except my boss then tends to sit on them forever and not turn them in on time, and then I quickly have to do another one updating the old one when the funder ends up wondering where it is. If not for any other reason, this screwed-up-ed-ness (Hey, I made up a word!)
is why I need to leave the Random Non-Profit . . .

My concentration is still shot to heck today. However, I haven’t had insomnia in a while and I’ve actually been able to plow through a few books, so my outlook is improving somewhat . . .

Election Day in Virginia is less than a week away. This is the first year that I haven’t done anything with any campaign, and the view from here looks pretty bleak. The candidates have been lousy at putting out any sort of positive messages or giving me any sort of reason to want to vote for them. However, as a Democrat in the Old Dominion, beggars can’t be choosers. So . . . Kaine for Governor, Bryne for Lt. Governor, Deeds for Attorney General.

Hope everyone’s weeks are going well.

Sara Michas Martin

I walk to make certain I was ever there.
To find the car I once discovered

buried in the pines. As if it were left
for the mushrooms to affix. For crows

to pull batting from its seats. Small
when I see it. Body rubbed free of paint,

roof caved like a chocolate egg left in the rain.
And the myths are gone: the witch

I thought placed it here, the silver horses
that drag cars from many roads.

Now I imagine, before trees filled in,
someone drove it just this far

and parked. Up here the water
driving against the northern shore

is just one layer of silence
spread thin inside another.

1 comment:

Virginia Gal said...

Yup not a riveting election, I'm actually having more fun working on the local delegate races in Prince William County (which are tied into the larger state election).
Glad you're voting Kaine, Byrne and Deeds!