Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Out to Lunch

I didn't realize that it has been DAYS since I wrote on the blog . . . it's been quite busy at both the Random household and at work, so I haven't had much time to catch my breath and write. My NaNoWriMo output has been just dreadful too, unless I spend Thanksgiving weekend writing down just any random thoughts and phrases.

Re: The Apprentice - Was so bummed that Marshawn was fired, but she totally deserved it. I spent the second half of the show going, "what the . . . what's wrong with you? Suck it up and do it! . . . oh, you are going to be so fired!" and I was really sad, because I had imagined her in the final four. Brian needed to be fired for being an idiot . . . yeah, you can go 10 blocks in NYC in 15 minutes, uh-huh. My new final four: Randal, Alla, Rebecca and Adam . . . unless someone else does something really stupid this week too . . . oh, I hope it isn't Randal!

Last night, I tried out a recipe from Bon Appetit that I am going to bring to my parents' house for Thanksgiving - Parmesian cheese and green onion popovers. They are real easy to make and taste heavenly right out of the oven . . . they aren't health food, though . . . you have to use 8 large eggs and almost 3 cups of whole milk. I am also going to bring my favorite Cooking Light recipe - sweet potato cheesecake, made with fat free cream cheese - along with the usual green bean casserole, since my sister can't be there.

By the way, I am not a fan of turkey meat . . . horrible, I know, but there are so many other foods I would much rather eat before I stuff down some turkey voluntarily. If I ever get to have Thanksgiving my way, I'll definitely have a ham . . . or make it all side dishes . . .

Are there any usual Thanksgiving dishes that you absolutely HATE? Any that you absolutely MUST HAVE? I've already started . . . I hate turkey and I must have my mom's homemade macaroni and cheese . . . it is not a holiday, unless I have her macaroni and cheese. I tried to reproduce it, and it just wasn't the same . . .


**D** said...

I am actually going to cook something for dinner this year and be a productive part of the family. Except that Thanksgiving this year is happening on the 26th and will only consist of the 'rents and me and A. But I am trying a sweet potatoe cassarole and a chocolate triffle for dessert. Every year I have to have my mother's stuffing, I don't know what she does to it but its heavenly!!! I can however, do without my Aunts pineapple squares but eat one to make her happy anyway... I have been informed that she is sending an entire sheet to C-town with my mom so I can get my "favorite dessert".... I think its time to meet my neighbors and bring some squares with me!!!!

Merci said...

I Just Say No to giblet gravy. Won't eat it, won't make it. My guests this year will have to do without. I'll have regular gravy, of course.

I love pumpkin pie (or sweet potato). The first time I had my husband's family to my home for T-giving, my sister-in-law told me NOT to make pumpkin pie, nobody would eat it, the whole family hates it. Well, there was almost a riot - people demanding pumpkin pie. I was nearly in tears. I learned to go with my instincts (and tradition) when planning the meal!

Virginia Gal said...

My family is a big fan of canned cranberry jelly, with the can grooves and everything (taking on the shape of the can) - its cheesy we know, but we love those things. Also, big fans of biscits baked fresh.
Thanks for the update, I gotta go on Television without Pity to read the update, I missed the Apprentice last week.

Gawdessness said...

Turkey is NOT a favourite around our household.
Although that changed a little last year when we bought a huge free range bird from a friend and cooked it so it wasn't dry. Not dry turkey is actually pretty good, in small doses.
We are ham people. Although, we already had thanksgiving in October, so now I'm talking Christmas meal.
Thanks for the update!