Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Want Some Cheese With That Whine?

OK . . . I hereby impose a ban on my whining about my job until September. By then I will have gone through the whole summer and finished my 2 week vacation. No one wants to hear it and I get sick of writing it . . .

Part of the problem is that I have done NO running in a month. I took one Saturday off to go to the Farmer’s Market, and then got busy with conference preparations and other stuff and put running on the back burner. I KNOW that I have gained weight in the interim, because I have been eating just horribly and drinking more sodas. The lack of exercise and putting on weight has just helped make my mood most foul.

This weekend I will start running again and get back on the schedule. I will not be able to do a Ten Miler or Half-Marathon in July, but maybe I can still do a 10K. Y’all are my witnesses now! If you don’t see me writing about my running for over a week, do call me on it, OK?

Positive thinking is the key! My job now is to just get through the summer and then see what develops.

Other goals for this summer:

*FINALLY apply for a Passport
*Apply to go back to school in Spring 2006
*Get a digital camera for our train trip to the West Coast in August
*Work on redoing the kitchen (Stripping the hideous wallpaper, painting the walls and the cabinets)
*Fix up the guest room for Fall guests . . . maybe even get that nice IKEA daybed that I’ve been eyeing for a while.

Last Thing . . .

The MJ trial is finally over! I totally agree with the verdict – remember, the trial was not about “Do you think this guy is a psycho freak?” . . . the jurors were given specific instructions to pay attention to the counts at hand, and by sitting there for three months and reviewing the testimony, the jury made a rational, reasonable decision - the prosecution just was not able to nail down the reasonable doubt. However, anyone who lets their kids hang out there from now on should be sued for child endangerment. And if MJ is smart, he will pack up Neverland and get the heck out of this country – because if he ever does end up in jail, he sure isn’t going to last very long. Before the verdict came down, my husband and I thought that he probably wouldn’t survive in jail long enough for an appeal - that is if he didn’t try to commit suicide first.

I guess now they’ll find some other celebrity-related hoo-hah to fill up the airwaves with . . . my bet is on the Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes thing. I think the cast of Dawson’s Creek need to do an intervention on the poor girl . . . Tom Cruise is just too creepy for words.

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Anonymous said...

Kath you must get the passport!! I don't know what I'd do without that bad-boy, my ticket to exploring the world.
Agree with you on the MJ trial, if now we hear about molestation charges, those parents should be charged also! I don't understand these irresponsible people! I can't find Mr. Right and yet these people are allowed to breed? NOT fair.
-Virginia Gal