Wednesday, June 15, 2005

A Random Meme I Found Somewhere

Found on another Blog . . . hey, it beats having to come up with interesting content when you're pressed for time. :-)

My uncle once: Taught me how to play at his awesome pool table in the basement, (which is a very impressive skill to other guys) and instilled in me a love of gadgets.

Never in my life: did I expect to marry a guy from Southern California who is almost EXACTLY like me. What a funky small world!

When I was five: I loved to draw pictures and make up stories to go with them.

High school was: a time of missed opportunities and great disappointments.

I will never forget: July 6, 2000.

I once met: Emily Couric, Katie Couric’s sister, who was a rising star here in Virginia politics. She spoke at a annual dinner we had and hung out for a bit afterwards. She was a very friendly, sweet, funny, cool lady who didn’t deserve to die so young from pancreatic cancer.

Once at a bar: I watched a friend of mine go home with some slimy salesman guy – I couldn’t stop her either.

By noon I'm usually: starting to fully wake up . . . I am a night person.

Last night: I taught my ESL class, in which I dumped half of the exercises I was supposed to do because they really sucked and it would have taken me forever to try to explain what the book meant, and the concepts weren’t that important anyway.

If only I had: traveled the world when I was young and single. Money was a major delimiter, but that shouldn’t have stopped me.

Next time I go to church: will be Sunday. I’ll have to be there early for Choir practice, since we stopped Wed. night practices for the summer.

I have a confession to make: I actually loved the Britney-Christina-N’SYNC-Backstreet Boys heyday in the late ‘90s. That was some happy music there . . .

When I turn my head left: I can see the various Arts Festival posters I have on my office wall, along with a faded Mardi Gras piƱata that we used for decoration at our New Orleans conference sitting on top of the 3 bookcase along that wall, a struggling houseplant, a rotating fan, and a miniature Curious George lunch box that a previous employee bequeathed me.

When I turn my head right: I can see a bulletin board full of paper, three calendars, one large poster of a photo by Margaret Bourke-White, one matted print of Matisse’s “Les Betes de la Mer,” one white wall clock, one clock radio.

You know when I'm lying when: I turn a little pale.

Every day I think about: how I weigh more than I'd like to at this point.

By this time next year: I want to have my passport and a place to go.

I have a hard time understanding: why people so care about what other consenting adults do amongst themselves.

If I ever go back to school I'll: . . . Hey, there is no IF! It is merely WHEN! Probably for Legal and Community Studies. Or for Teaching. Still pondering . . .

You know I like you when: I do nice stuff for you.

If I won an award the first person I'd thank is: My sweet hubby.

My ideal breakfast is: Fresh Fruit salad, vanilla yogurt and bacon/sausage and/or ham.

A song I love, but do not have is: "Kiss Me" by Sixpence None the Richer.

If you visit my hometown, I suggest: that you come in February when there aren’t any tourists around, so then we can blissfully visit the Smithsonian museums without any crowds. Such heaven!

Why won't anyone: vote in local primaries? The turnout was dismal yesterday, and now people will complain about the candidates they are stuck with in November. People, the real choices are available at the Primary level. What is this "I Didn't know there was one" stuff? Or "I didn't feel informed enough about the candidates." - Don't you people watch TV or read the papers?

If you spend the night at my house: Give us a week lead time, so we can clean all of the boxes and piles of paper off of the guest room bed.

I'd stop my wedding for: My stupid family, who is always late to everything.

The world could do without: Colds . . . they are just annoying . . . the flu at least people take seriously that you feel horrible . . .

I'd rather lick the belly of a cockroach than: Have to eat one.

Paper clips are more useful than: just having the copies collated, because inevitably someone will try to even out all of the pages and then screw up the copies.

If I do anything well: I don’t know what it is, because I will always happen to know people who can do it ten times better.

And by the way: When I was 12 years old, I wanted to be a political cartoonist - doing a strip like Doonesbury. :-)

I hereby send this on to whoever wants to do it . . . no pressure! :-)

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Anonymous said...

hee hee, you think you're bad with all that Backstreet Boys/Britney Spears stuff - I went to an N'Sync concert! And it was fun - no regrets even if I was at least five years older than most of the little girls there 8-)
- Virginia Gal
ps - yes poor turnout for yesterday's primary, but we Dem's were happy with the results!