Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Tuesday Poetry

I haven’t had a poem in a while, and I keep being drawn to city-related scenes – I wonder why that is?

Lower Manhattan Pantoum
Elaine Sexton

Always a bad sign
people on the sidewalk looking up.
A crowd forms, cars slow
then stop,
people on the sidewalk looking up.
I step into the pool of them
then stop.
I gape like the others.

I step into the pool of them,
become the pool
and gape like the others.
Mothers, peddlers, suits
become the pool
of a wreck.
Mothers, peddlers, suits,
my super, my neighbors

a wreck,
unfolding, undone.
My super, my neighbors
no one is not stunned.

Unfolding, undone
we look at our watches,
Someone says let's pray.

We examine our watches.
A crowd forms. Cars stop.
Someone says let's pray
always a bad sign.

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PaxRomano said...


Another great poem, thank you for turning me on to this one!

Now I have to go Google Elaine Sexton.