Friday, June 24, 2005

Everybody's Workin' for the Weekend . . .

I have been quite neglectful of the blog lately, and I am so, so sorry!

This week has been . . . a week.

However, I am now trying to ac-cen-tuate the positive things in my life, so I can gladly say that I am happy that the week transpired without any sort of nervous breakdown, so I can fully enjoy the upcoming weekend.

I was at an awards ceremony for the Literacy Council last night, so I missed “Hit Me Baby One More Time.” Recap will have to wait till Monday.

We are having some friends over on Saturday night for an evening of catching up and playing games. They had a little daughter born in November and we are eager to see her.

Sunday, I’m having lunch with another friend who is going through a lot of life changes right now, but we usually pencil in a monthly lunch to check in and get advice from each other. I’m really looking forward to a nice leisurely Sunday.

I wish I could comment on the recent Supreme Court decision on eminent domain (, but the actual decision is much more complicated than meets the eye and I have heard very compelling arguments on both sides. I did not agree with the final decision, and I actually agreed with the minority opinions. I really need to bone up on my Constitutional law though . . . much is happening lately in the context of the Bill of Rights that is quite worrisome to me, but I think I need more information to make sure my instincts are correct.

I haven’t been running at all this week. Yesterday I went to the doctor and he told me that I had gained a pound from last year. This was disappointing, because I know that I had actually lost a bunch in the Spring, but I have managed to gain it back again in spades. But it also means that I can lose if I start running again fairly soon and keep it up through the Fall.

There is much going on with my immediate family that I should write to you all about. My grandmother is moving to Arizona, after living with my parents ever since my youngest sister was born. My older younger sister is coming back to the states and is going to be stationed in El Paso, TX. We had hoped for Walter Reed, so she would be close and we could hang out occasionally again, but at least she won’t be in a war zone. My youngest younger sister is finishing up her master’s in education in the next year and has said that she won’t be coming back to Northern Virginia when she graduates – she wants to teach in rural areas of the state. I got the vibe from my parents on Father’s Day that they will pretty much wash their hands of her when she graduates. Their words made me feel really sad and hurt, but I didn’t know how to call them on it. None of us three daughters is the most communicative, but we work hard and try to make our folks proud, maybe just not in the conventional ways, but we try . . . maybe I was reading a disappointment in me too in what they were saying? Like they say the exact same thing about me when talking to extended family?

There is so much history and emotion hidden in that above paragraph that I don’t even know where to begin. So I will keep movin’ on, not dwelling on it for now, trying to enjoy the sunshine while it lasts.

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Anonymous said...

Hope you had a good weekend, I tried to take in the Folklife Festival on the Mall, but it was so bleeding hot on Saturday, ended up in the National Gallery (not a bad place to end up, no?).
- Virginia Gal