Sunday, June 11, 2006

She's Baaaaack!

Conference is finally over. Woo hoo! Thank goodness . . .

The final dinner ended at 9 PM last night. By the time I got home and put my pajamas on, I was in bed asllep by 10:30. Didn't wake up this morning until 10 AM, and so far all I've done today is watch World Cup soccer on TV and read the newspapers.

I'll try to say more tomorrow, but just wanted everyone to know that I survived and have stories to tell.

I hope everyone had a great week . . . anything interesting happen?


Merci said...

Welcome back! Can't wait to hear the tales. Hope you get lots of luscious rest now!

Virginia Gal said...

This weekend was bad busy, I had my orientation at the Nissan Pavilion where, I will be working part time for the summer : )

Glad you are back, can't wait to hear the stories.

Eric Grubbs said...

Went to Houston this weekend. Not much hotter than Dallas, but still hot.