Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Rock On With Your Bad Self

The local classic rock station is doing “30 years in 30 days,” and today's theme is 1986. The station is playing a lot of songs from REM’s “Life's Rich Pageant,” which is one of my all time favorite albums – I think I wore out my original cassette tape playing it so much. Earlier they played “Begin the Begin” and it took all the willpower I had to not start rocking out to it at work.

I remember seeing REM in concert during the “Green” Tour around 1989/1990 at the Hampton Coliseum. It was one of the best concerts I’d been to up to that point. I’m not a big fan of their newer work . . . I guess because I associate such happy feelings with their earlier works, their later works leave me a bit cold . . . I’ll have to revisit them again I think . . .

Are there any albums that you just love, love, love and give you very happy memories? What was the best concert that you have ever attended?


Virginia Gal said...

Which radio station in DC is doing this?

I loved my New Kids on the Block Summer Magic concert tour - one of the best nights of my life ever!

Random Kath said...

Virginia Gal - It's 94.7 WARW. Today is 1988 . . . it's rather fun to listen to, except for a lot of the "hair bands" stuff, and sometimes some of the stuff gets a little tedious, but there are quite a few songs that I hadn't heard in a really long time.