Monday, February 06, 2006

Can You Have Ennui Even If You Don't Know How to Spell It?

Ennui: a feeling of weariness and dissatisfaction : BOREDOM

It’s been one of those days . . .

Big “all staff” meeting today at the Random Non-profit. It was one of those meetings where you sit so annoyed and bored that you just want to stab yourself repeatedly with a pen for the entertainment value. We are moving our offices again at the end of April . . . they just signed a new lease last week. If you know anything about office moves, you will understand how screwed up that little announcement is . . .

The new digs are going to be smaller, with even less storage space. We can’t afford to both paint the new offices AND get new carpet put in, so they are going for the fresh paint. Can you say “Ewwwwwww!”

There are some new organizational initiatives going on that echo older initiatives that went on a few years ago. More meetings! Woo hoo!

I am trying to be optimistic . . . I really am.

I had a massive headache over the weekend, so not much fun was had at the Random household. Did not get to go to the Super Bowl party that we were invited to . . . however, we did get to see the ads – all of them were posted on the Wall Street Journal website and you could vote for best and worst. I voted the Kermit the Frog ad as WORST because it is sacrilege to me to use Kermit to peddle cars. The Burger King ad was pretty lousy too, along with the CareerBuilder ones. Mr. Random and I did like the P. Diddy one . . . but I think we are the only ones, judging from the blogosphere’s reaction. (I guess you have to watch a lot of MTV to clue in on why we thought it was funny . . .) I also liked the MasterCard MacGuyver ad (if you are an ardent Stargate fan, you’ll notice that he dyed his hair from the gray), the Bud Light ad with the revolving fridge, the Dove ad (awesome!), the FedEx ad with the cavemen, and the phone one with the “crime deterrent” (that one caused a little spit-take on my part.) Really, with broadband, who needs to actually watch the game?

Got a lot of writing done for the work project I’m working on, but still have a ways to go. It was good to get the initial chapters done . . . a psychic hurdle has been cleared.

Things are looking up . . . I just need to get through the sludge of the next few weeks to see how my Spring is going to shape up. Send some happy vibes my way . . . I do need them!


Virginia Gal said...

Happy vibes are on their way.

I laughed out loud about the meeting and stabbing yourself with a pen for entertainment, I have so been there, hee hee.

Ads for the superbowl, I loved the magic refrigator Bud Ad, Dove ad was lovely but I feared it was probably unceasely mocked by drunk football fans around the country, also liked the FedEx ad and the Career Builders "I work with a bunch of jackasses." hilarious : )

Merci said...

Add some more happy vibes to those above.

Your life is uncannily (is that a word?) like mine right now. Headaches, office moves, reoganization that takes you back to the future, meetings where you have to engage in self-injurious behavior to keep from falling asleep in front of the bigwigs (with scattered manic moments thrown in, when you want to shout at the stupidity they throw at you)...

And through it all, a constant striving to stay on top of the workload...