Thursday, December 15, 2005

Nose Pressed Firmly to the Grindstone

I’m finally back at work today – still not feeling up to snuff, but good enough to start to tackle a few projects.

Mr. Random, on the other hand, is fully sick now and can’t talk at all. No sound comes out of his mouth except a low, guttural rasp. I’m making sure he is drinking plenty of fluids and not letting the cold settle into his chest, as was the case for me.

I am so behind, it is not funny - Funder reports are due again . . . I have to write some articles for a publication that we want to go to print in a few weeks . . . I have another project that I am supposed to be submitting chapters for, and have finished by the beginning of January . . . I have to write something to update/create a Website for my program . . . I have to complete some other documents and assemble things for our conference in January . . . . the list just goes on and on. I have a feeling I’m not going to get any rest between Christmas and New Year’s as I had hoped this year . . .

I forgot that we were supposed to bring in the goods for our “adopted” child today, but luckily the coordinator is going to hold off delivering the toys to the school until tomorrow at lunchtime. Whew! I was so upset when I had realized that I had forgotten all about it! Our Random Non-profit partners with a local elementary school each year to provide Christmas gifts for families at the school who are struggling. For the past 6 years, Mr. Random and I have sponsored a child, and have gone just bonkers buying all sorts of cool clothes, books and toys. Last year, we had a little two year old boy – you should have seen the little jumpers and socks and other teeny clothes that we bought! We also bought a bunch of little books that we hope he and his family enjoyed. This year, we have an eleven year old girl . . . this will be a bit challenging since all 11 years olds are different and it is difficult enough to buy things for people in that age group, even when you’re related to them!

I also have to bake a couple of cheesecakes this weekend – one for a party on Saturday night and one for the office party on Monday. This weekend, I also need to put together the goodie bags that Mr. Random and I usually give out at work instead of gifts. I’m feeling really overwhelmed right now, and I know that we could nix the goodie bags, but I still owe cheesecakes . . . people kind of look forward to them, and I was hoping to make a chocolate chip one that I haven’t made in while . . . they just take so darn long!

At choir practice, we always end by praying for people we think need it badly. I threw out for consideration all of those folks who are stressed and depressed at this time of year . . . I’m starting to fit into this category in a big way. (Also, last night we received a huge stack of music that we are supposed to be performing on Christmas Eve. It is a lot of familiar carols, but of course it can’t be that simple . . . we have to learn all sorts of harmony parts and descants and funky new things to throw in. In less than two weeks. Gee, no added stress there!)

Why does everything have to happen at the end of the year? Good grief!

Enough venting for one day . . . I’ll try to calm down a bit by tomorrow . . .

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Virginia Gal said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better!
Can't wait to hear your thoughts on Apprentice.