Friday, July 08, 2005

Today's Random Thoughts

One of my new favorite blogs is now Londonist ( Maybe whenever I update the format of this blog, I’ll put it on the list at left, along with a few other faves I’ve found. I thought it was interesting that a lot of the U.S. commenters to the post on yesterday’s bombing were from DC (myself included.)

Other random thoughts today:

** Cooking classes start again next Thursday, only for two weeks. We’ve been getting some serious mileage out of the Three Onion Couscous, Fennel and Endive Salad, Quick Meatloaf, and Strawberry-Rhubarb Crisp recipes that I got from the last classes I took, so I’m really looking forward to picking up a few more recipes.

**My sister’s plane is landing at 10:45 PM Sunday night, which means we won’t be home from picking her up until almost midnight – that is if the plane isn’t late. I am so excited that she will be back in the states and I look forward to carving out some time to spend with her over the next two weeks . . .

**Ugh . . . I guess we have to clean the boxes out of the guest room before my sister gets here . . . I dread that. I should just throw everything in the room in the dumpster and start fresh. You all ever have those rooms in your house where you dump random stuff when you are in a rush to clean up the living areas before guests come, and then you never go back to actually put the things away? This is that room. It is also where we keep the cat box, so I have to figure out where to store that while my sister is staying with us.

**Still haven’t got a passport yet, even though I have actually filled out the form. All I need now is to get pictures taken and then go to the nearest passport office and cough up the bucks . . . baby steps, I guess.

**Still haven’t got any further on the school thing either.

**Did go running last Saturday morning and hope to do so tomorrow morning. The Army Ten Miler is on October 9. I have three months almost exactly to get ready. This is my main goal before I turn 35 years old.

**I would like to go out to tea sometime soon. I never have and have heard that they are fun and tasty.

**August is not coming fast enough! I want to go somewhere! Anywhere! See some new faces! Do some new things!

**Last night, my husband and I were watching “House Hunters” and he said that he might be interested in living in Chicago. I had to gently remind him that it gets much colder in Chicago than it does here in DC. He is miserable when the temperature drops below 50 here . . .

**I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again. I’m not afraid of terrorists, I’m afraid of everybody. The joy of living in D.C. is that besides the normal muggings, kidnappings, drive-bys, murders, arsonists, gang members with machetes, carjackings, etc. that fill the news, we also attract our share of random wackos with a grudge or some grand statement to make. We just have to live our lives and ignore it . . . otherwise, I’d spend my days huddled in a bomb shelter. The majority of people in this world are good, decent people who just want to live their own lives . . . I take great comfort in that.

Hey, I said this blog was random! Have a great weekend everybody. Be safe.

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Anonymous said...

Kath - go to a local CVS and get the passport pic done - it takes 15 minutes and costs about $7 for the whole sheet of passport size photos!! Very simple and pain-free. I'm going to keep on you till you get that wonderful little book that allows you to see the world! I don't know what I'd do without mine.
- Virginia Gal