Thursday, July 14, 2005

To Blog or Not to Blog, That is His Question

My husband wants to start a blog. He’s been reading about blogs all over the place, but has never actually read one, mine included. I didn’t tell him about this one right away because I am still deciding what the heck this is I’m doing here. I had talked to him ages about starting one, and then one day I just up and did it. There’s nothing on here that he doesn’t already know, except maybe my spur-of-the-moment poems.

So yesterday, while we were driving home for work, he states that he wants to start a blog but has no clue how to do go about it. He’s kind of a Luddite when it comes to internet communications, despite the fact that he does several online newsletters and helps maintain a Website. He never got into the whole message board scene like I did for a time . . . he much prefers just looking up random stuff and reading about it. However, once the phenomenon hits the pages of the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times, he starts to take notice. I tell him about the multitude of blog-type options. “I’d be happy to do it with you,” I offered. “Besides, it would get you in the habit of writing every day.”

Hubby is an excellent writer. He was a news assistant for a major newspaper in Southern California while he was in college, and he had the opportunity to write several feature articles during his tenure there. He currently writes and edits our association’s publications, and when during the first few years of our relationship, he used to write in his journals all of the time. I am always trying to get him writing again, because I know he misses it. Nowadays, he is more likely to come home and either go straight to the gym/running or watch whatever is on cable for the evening. I rue the day we got that stupid cable TV . . . even though I’d be bummed if we gave it up too.

“What would I talk about?” he wonders aloud. “I don’t want to talk about politics, because people will flame me.” “Well, just say whatever comes to mind . . . I do.” “YOU Blog?!?” he sputtered. “I know you had talked about it . . .” “Well, yeah . . . but it’s nothing fancy . . . I barely post half the time . . . you can see it if you want . . .” He didn’t ask to see it, but still seemed surprised. “Wow. I wonder what I should do. All the cool kids are doing it . . .”

If you think I am lousy at following through with stuff, Hubby is slightly worse. I at least try things once. He’s been wanting to get his Master’s in History for years, and I’ve been really encouraging him, but he always is going to “wait and see.” That’s why I offered to start the blog with him . . . that way at least it will be up and I can help maintain it. It also would be a great way to document our cross country train trip and all of the other stuff we do together. We’ll see if it actually goes . . . if it does, I will let you all know.

****More random stuff****

We’re getting closer to getting a digital camera . . . I can feel it! Hopefully, sometime this weekend. Then maybe I’ll put up some pics of little ol’ me, Hubby and Moxie, the Buddha-like Tuxedo cat.

No, Virginia Gal, no progress on the passport [hanging head in shame] . . . but there should be by the end of next week. My sister is on me about this too . . . we’ll probably take care of it while we’re running around together again next Friday.

We had ice cream at work today, as part of a send off for one of our interns. We had birthday cake yesterday for two people. There will be cake for our uber-boss’ birthday on Tuesday. And another send off for another intern later next week. We may not get paid much here, but we are always kept in a sugar rush . . .

Was watching the Mexico vs Jamaica game last night (Gold Cup soccer match) and was outraged at the refs. If a Jamaican guy so much as looked at a Mexican player, he got a yellow card. However, the Mexican players were pretty much blatantly, purposefully running into the Jamaican players and tripping them, without so much as a peep out of the refs. Both Hubby and I were highly miffed - not a good mood to go to bed in.

I actually bought nail polish when I was out with my sister on Monday. I never wear nail polish, which is weird because I am one of those rare individuals whose nails grow pretty long, pretty quickly. In fact, I have to cut them down every ten days or so or they start breaking off at inopportune times. I just hate the whole girly maintenance aspect of wearing polish . . . you have to be still long enough so that it dries properly without smearing or getting cat hair stuck on your nails, and you have to touch it up on a regular basis or it looks pretty tacky. However, I’ve been wearing sandals more lately this summer and my toes . . . look kind of sad. I saw a color that I liked and actually might work for me, so I’m going to try to put some on tonight and see how it goes. Wish me luck!

It’s almost time to leave work, so I’ll close up the post for today. Let’s go out with a little Sheryl Crow that’s playing on the radio right now:

“All I wanna do is have some fun
. . . And I got a feeling
I‘m not the only one . . .
Until the sun comes up on Santa Monica Boulevard.”

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Anonymous said...

Agree with the nailpolish situation - so annoying it needs touching up in like two to three days after applying, I'm not girly-girl enough to keep up with this.
oh so glad to have an allie in your sister - together we will perserve to you get your little blue covered book - full of blank pages eagerly awaiting stamps from far and exciting locations!
- Virginia Gal