Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Exhausted Minds Thinking Unclearly

Birthday cake today at 3:30! Woo hoo! It’s the little things that bring joy to my heart these days . . .

I went to bed straight after class last night . . . did not stop for a snack, did not hang out with husband, just went straight to bed at 9 PM with a brief 50 page Harry Potter reading thrown in. Exhaustion cannot even begin to say how I feel . . . and I still have two more weeks to go before the train vacation. Luckily, I’m taking Friday off to spend more time with my sister before she gets shipped to Texas, so hopefully that will help improve my mood.

Before I went to bed, my husband ran into the bedroom to let me know who the new Supreme Court nominee was. He is such a political and news junkie, it’s usually so cute, but last night I was just so cranky and like “Gee, couldn’t this wait ‘till I read the paper tomorrow?”

Someone just walked into my office and told me that I look thinner. Bless them! Just this morning, I was feeling a bit down on myself and feeling a very blah and tubby.

The light at the end of the tunnel is sometimes that of an oncoming train. I have been thinking of that quote a lot today, and for me it can be taken two ways – either in a foreboding way or in a optimistic way. Time will tell which one is correct. Just so long as I get out of the little “Groundhog Day” scenario that I seem to be going through . . . same things happening day after day, same issues being revisited, same plans being made. I am looking toward the light with anticipation.

I’m still quite tired, so I offer today’s poem, which I found to be very amusing - but true sometimes.

To the Couple Lingering on the Doorstep
Deborah Landau

Quit kissing beneath my window.

The day turns shady
as you lean
feeding, feeding.

Night arrives, red-gold
and windless

and still you persist.

I've had enough
slobber and gush.

And let me say this:

the problem with passion
isn't that it doesn't last
but that it does,

and you'll find yourself alone in a room,
blistered and husky-voiced, watching
the side of your building turn to flame.

Beware a woman at a window,
something heavy in her hand.

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justrose said...

what a great poem. enjoy the cake!