Friday, January 02, 2009

Momentary Rumination

Mr. Random was away for Christmas and New Year’s, visiting the Random family, and came back home yesterday afternoon. This meant that I had the whole Random condo to myself for almost two weeks.

Am I a horrible person for enjoying the quiet as much as I did? The Random Cat and I had a nice routine going each day – she woke me up in the morning, I fed her, I gathered the morning papers and read them while eating breakfast and monitoring the Today Show. Then I would either start cleaning or organizing something in the house until I either finished or got sick and tired of it, then I would take a shower and then run errands or read or watch TV or nap.

It was a very easy going existence which I am going to miss horribly next week when work and school and teaching start to fill up the schedule again . . .


Merci said...

I've been off since Christmas Eve and must return to work on Monday. I hear people say that they could never retire, they wouldn't know what to do with themselves. I don't have that problem. I will be a very happy retiree someday, and I will not miss the office a whit.

Some people can't stand to be alone. It is a good thing that you enjoy solitude.

Anonymous said...

"Am I a horrible person for enjoying the quiet as much as I did?"

No. Quiet time is a gift.

Virginia Gal said...

puh-lease you are not a bad person in the least!

ps - how is random cat's weight now?