Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Bronx is Up and the Battery's Down

These are some of the pictures I took in New York City. Some of the *many* places we visited were Central Park, Times Square, Macy's in Herald Square, the Paley Center for Media and . . . a place no former English major could ever pass up . . . the Algonquin Hotel, home of the famed Round Table of Dorothy Parker, Robert Benchley and Alexander Woollcott.

We also got pretty proficient at riding the subway. If I had been thinking, I could have taken a picture of the huge rat that ran across the platform in front of us . . . New York, New York! A wonderful town!

It was such a wonderful day . . . I wish the pictures could convey the joy . . . and the exhaustion. We were all over the place! And there's so much more to see!


Virginia Gal said...

OMG - so funny I just went to NYC myself, two weekends ago. It was a ton of fun!

I think the joy of NYC, for me anyway, is that it is a great place to visit, but I wouldn't want to live there.

ps - I finally got proficient on the subway as well, yay!

Anonymous said...

Just catching up on the last three posts - you've been busy. Looks like you've had some great trips. Love the fox.

Anonymous said...

good to see you are having some fun!

send fun vibes my way!


mommanator said...

looks like a great time!

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