Thursday, May 08, 2008

Really Random Early May Updates

***My mom is doing much better these days – thanks to everyone who has been asking about her! She is still recuperating from her surgery and dealing with her new, radically changed diet. To give an example of how much my mom has to change her diet, when I went to visit her right after the surgery I cut up an apple for her and put some peanut butter on the side. She remarked on how tasty it was and why didn’t she think of having that before. This is someone whose main food groups previously were soda and chips, so she has a ways to go . . .

***The Random Cat had a serious stomach bug over the past few days which required us taking her to the emergency vet hospital to see what was wrong and to get some fluids in her. We had to leave her at the vet overnight for observation, and she looked just so sad and scared at being left in her little kennel that I wanted to cry. Going home without her was hard too . . . it is amazing how much you depend on having your furry little friend around all the time. She is back at home now, and seems to be doing much better. The vet gave us some pet antacid to give her each evening and she has a little bandage wrapped around her right front paw where they inserted a catheter. For the first few hours she was home again, she was so groggy from a sedative (that they had to give her to get the catheter out) that she only slowly limped around the condo for a while and then nestled in to sleep for the rest of the day.

***We’re getting ready for Mr. Random’s grad school graduation this weekend. The Random Mom-in-Law came into town last night. She is still in horrible health. She can barely walk down a block, or up stairs or up a slight incline without getting incredibly winded. She has told us that she bruises much more easily now than she has in the past. She still smokes a lot. Mr. Random and I are very concerned and will continue to monitor the situation for the week that she is here.

***We have decided to go to the 48 Hour Film Project screening on Friday, and eat the cost of the play tickets. Mr. Random and I are just way too curious to see how our film does, especially since we both put so much work into it. I’m also curious to see how a bunch of strangers will react to it. I fully admit that the whole thing IS rather thrilling and it feels like I’m going to a huge movie premiere. I’m still doubtful our film will win anything, but the anticipation is just awesome.

***I finished my final Econ paper. It turned out horribly, but I am just glad that that class is over and done.

***The new semester has started for my ESL class and I have 8 students this time. In this class, I have students from Sierra Leone, Sudan, Bulgaria, Bolivia, Pakistan, and El Salvador. They seem like a fun group of people and I think I have a better grasp on how to teach the higher level than I did last semester. It also helps with class dynamics that there isn’t one “majority” language.

***There is so much going on for the Randoms these days and I am exhausted. I will be very happy when the graduation is over, summer comes and the schedule slows down a bit.

***The bullets in Blogger don't seem to be working for me and really suck. Oy!

I am waving to you all and hoping all is going well . . .


Virginia Gal said...

I'm glad to hear your mum is doing better! I will continue to send positive thoughts her way!

Random Cat makes me smile, I remember when you had to put him on a diet and how he would meow loudly in the morning in your ear. I hope Random Cat is doing better as well.

Congrad's to Mr. Random on the graduation...I'm jealous I don't graduate till August!

mommanator said...

Gongrats to the hubby!
And so glad to hear your mother is doing better!
Take it easy as you can!

Anonymous said...

Nice to hear some good news. And glad your semester is done.