Monday, November 20, 2006

Fever for the Flavor

What’s going on with me?

From Wednesday night on, I got a nasty cold, which was not helped by standing in the rain for two hours on Thursday at an event for the Random Non-Profit.

Why were we standing in the rain? No contingency plans! Why didn’t we cancel? Because people only want to see what they want to see when they want to see it.

When I got back to the office on Thursday, I closed my door and put my head on my desk until Mr. Random could come to take me home – I felt that bad.

Stayed in bed pretty much Thursday afternoon through Saturday evening. Watched lots of Food Network, since that is pretty innocuous and I didn’t feel like I missed anything if I fell asleep for an hour during a show. I had no concentration for anything else besides staring at the TV and sleeping.

Sunday I felt a little bit better, and started planning the menus of stuff I am making for Thanksgiving and for a get together the day afterwards. For Thursday, I am taking to my parents’ house:

Green Bean Casserole (because it’s not a holiday without it . . .)

Green Onion-Cheese Popovers

Sweet Potato Cheesecake

For Friday’s get together, I am going to try to make:


Cranberry Sauce

Roasted Sweet Potatoes

Green Beans


Autumn Succotash

Green Onion-Cheese Popovers

Double Fudge Brownies with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce

. . . I do hope it turns out well!

Wrote 1300 words for the novel. Now up to 3300 words. Unless there’s a miracle this weekend, I will probably only get 10,000 MAX – but that will be about 9000 more words than I have written before, so that’s progress.

I am so glad this is a short week! I really need some more rest. I hope everyone else is going to have a great holiday!

What are YOU having to eat this week?

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